Hollow's Last Hope

Back in Town

Back in town things hadn’t changed in the four days since the adventurers set out to find the children.

Title ralla had been less than productive while living in fear of the worst. Kabran Bloodeye did not take kindly to his girls failing to put on a good show. She had beaten her badly for her failure to focus on earning him the money she owed him. It was in her contract. He had basically forced her to work at his brothel, The Rogue Lady. He then gave her rich clothes and furnishings. This all added up. He held this debt over her head as reason she couldn’t leave. The debt was 2,000 gold pieces and every month Kabran added on rent and food to the order of an additional 30gp. She only earned an average of 2gp per day after the brothel’s take. At this rate she would pay off her debt in five and a half years. And that was if he didn’t come up with a “new” debt that she owed. For now she was not earning any money because her battered and bruised body could not Perform the moves of her routine now was she pretty to look upon. It was another form of control. As if Kabran was saying, “I control when and how you ear your keep. And I have no intention of letting you go.” She was relegated to sweeping floors and washing clothes.

The look of shame was clear in Ralla’s eyes as she hugged her brother. She could barely make eye contact with Kieyanna, the woman who had been so nice to her and sworn to find her brother. Kieyanna was such a strong person and would have not put up with anyone beating her. Much less with any man telling her what to do. She was ashamed of her weakness to stand up for herself. But now that she had Hollin back she would focus on her dance and do what Kabran asked and they would get out of here one day.

Shavros Vade was elated at the return of his only son. He took him quickly away from the swarming mass of townspeople and back to his tower. But before leaving Shavros found Dhohar and thanked him for his selfless endeavor.


Zandu Zandu

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