Hollow's Last Hope

New Friends

The air was stifling hot in this prayer room. Much more so than the hallway back the way we had come. I can only imagine a demonically oppressive heat emanating from the other side of the northern door to this room. This large chamber (Location 16) is some 40×30 feet. It looks to have been some kind of monastic temple. Six stone prayer platforms with well-worn knee rests carved into them are spread around the chamber. I am sitting now where we met the malcontent mystic of the Truescale Tribe named Kerrdremak. He and his five kobold warriors had been discussing their consternation over recent tragedies. I learned of their discontent in the Draconic tongue while listening outside the door not more than an hour ago. We hatched a plan that Kieyanna, dressed in her mighty Fullplate of Durinar Glintaxe (previous kobolds had turned and run when they saw the “Ghost of Glintaxe” approaching) would perhaps sway the Kobolds to aid in distracting the rest of the Bloodscale tribe allowing us to find the remaining children. Political rivalries exist everywhere, even in a den of Kobolds.

The plan worked like a charm. After a tense momentary standoff, I was able to explain that the Ghost of Glintaxe and my companions were there to right the wrong that was done to the Truescales. Kerrdremak was extremely excited to have the ghost, whom had long roamed the halls of the upper level and claimed the lives of his tribesmen, heading down into the depths to bring vengeance upon the mislead Bloodscales.

A secret door was found in the old temple prayer room and Dhohar, Kieyanna, and I explored it. We found several more rooms including the living quarters of the last Abbot of the monastery (Location 10). His gruesome remains, a result of a self inflicted wound, were lorded over by a deranged homunculus. The poor beast had completely lost his grasp on reality after the death of his master. We had to put the poor beast out of his misery. Exactly how long he had been alone in this room is only a guess, a hundred years or more for sure. The magical nature of the creation permitted it to live forever and serve its master. But it also linked his mind intrinsically with the mage and upon his master’s death he lost his mind too. The creature could not be reasoned. In the dilapidated room we found an obsidian tablet carved with a last message to his god.

Our people have lost their way. They flee the shelter of your great forges. Our fires dim, my master. We have failed you. No use to you here, I now come to you. I shall join you in the Black Forge, whether to serve at your anvil or stoke its flames with my soul.

We cleaned the room of the remains and deemed it the safest place for the children to stay. Kimi put up quite a fight against being left behind. She was adamant that it was her fault they were all there and her responsibility to find Jurin and Hollin. Dhohar finally swayed her by charging her to watch Mikra and Savram and protect them from further harm. There was no time to take them out of the Monastery and the forest may be just as dangerous. That secret room seemed the best place for any to wait. I wish I might have rested my head for a couple hours of sleep. But we must endeavor to find the remaining children lest they meet some unfortunate end.

At this very moment my companions are readying head north through the doors into the heat and then down to the lower level. The Truescales tell me there are bloodscales at the lift. We must be ready for a fight.


Zandu Zandu

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