Hollow's Last Hope

Curious Encounters Jeva and an Imp

Kieyanna was brought out of her memories by the sound of someone trying to discreetly follow her companions. The others noticed it as well and after some quiet conferencing left Zandu to try and surprise their interloper while Kieyanna, Rumble, and Dhohar carried on following the trail of the children.

Kieyanna enjoyed for a time discussing her Firefoot…she and Dhohar talked about its favorite foods…fish of course, and strangely also raspberries. They also discussed spending some time training it after they found the children…and then they heard a shriek and a scuffle and went running back to where they’d left Zandu.

They came upon Zandu locked in hand to hand combat with a werewolf in a tattered rag of a dress. Kieyanna was horrified at the fight but Zandu was holding his own and Dhohar used rope that Rumble had been carrying to secure the werewolf. She then turned into a dirty young girl, in a fit of tears, begging for death.

Neither Kieyanna nor her companions could even think about bringing themselves to kill the poor thing, and truthfully Kieyanna felt sorry for the girl. She was somewhat suspicious of the tale Jeva told of Elara turning everyone into werewolves and torturing them with silver, but none of them could find fault in the story. Once she calmed down, they decided to bring her with them, and she was able to lead them on the path towards the children.

Jeva slept soundly through the night while the other three took turns keeping watch…it must have been long days or even weeks since the young girl had last had a restful night’s sleep feeling safe. While on the trail the next day, they happened upon an injured raven in the path. Dhohar could feel some magic from the raven but it seemed to be a regular raven for all intents and purposes…and then the sword at Zandu’s side glowed and the raven simply…disappeared.

Dhohar could still see it, and see that it was in fact and Imp and not a raven, and he gave this knowledge to the rest of the group. They decided that since the Imp was not doing them harm they should leave him be and carry on…Kieyanna stayed on her guard a while just in case, and she noticed that Zandu kept hands on his sword that had so recently glowed in the presence of the Imp for quite some time.

Eventually they came to the same dwarven monastery where she and Zandu had faced several beasts while searching for the ironbloom mushrooms…not the least of which was the giant spider. She did hope that the wargs had cleared out. They were not her favorite and she and Zandu were both injured in the last fight. They had with them another great fighter now, though, and his wonderful bear companion.

When it came time to follow Rumble’s tracking into the monastery, the group stopped to discuss what would come of Jeva. Dhohar had done a spell that produced enough water, cold though it was, for them all to have a wash in the morning, and Jeva seemed the most appreciative of all. She seemed to have come to like the group, and they were unsure of what should become of her.

Jeva told the group that she lived in a group of trees near the halfway house and that she was quite happy there. She gathered food from the woods and hunted when she needed to, but kept to herself. The group decided the best course of action would be to let Jeva go back to her home. Kieyanna gave Jeva a bell from her pack—the group promised to come check on Jeva from time to time and to bring her food and clothing. The bell would be so she could stay hidden and still let them know she was in the area, and so she wouldn’t reveal herself to hapless passersby who might mean her harm.

After they sent Jeva on her way, the three adventurers and Rumble entered the monastery and ventured down a stone stairway into the depths below.


Zandu Zandu

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