Hollow's Last Hope

Finish Line: The King is Dead, Long-live the King!

[the entry between the last and this is missing with clear signs of something having ruined the pages that once held it.]

I’ve chosen for the moment to keep a more sparse style in relaying the encounters as they occurred. In truth, many minor details were lost to my feeling of tiredness and recurring wounds. I’ve had a number of revelations due to my adventures and plan to lay those out as a separate matter after a basic account of the events.

After moving into the next room we encountered two slarks and a beastly kobold riding one the abominations. I activated my new slippers, which permitted me traverse walls and ceilings at a reduced rate, and ran up the side of the tunnel and onto the ceiling. I sought to press the advantage against the slarks, and if I could, force the one carrying the kobold from the ceiling. My plan worked to perfection. Between their surprise and the power of the Glintaxe, I clove a foot from the beast and it’s rider and it fell to the floor. A whoosh of air left his lungs and he grunted in pain as he was pinned beneath his mount. As the kobold fell I noted he looked a great deal like bully Boss Teedum. This surprised me but by the time I’d recovered and pointed this out, my stalwart companions had finished off both slarks. I promptly ran down the wall to the floor and de-activated the slippers. Kapmak was the name of the fallen kobold and he made a frightful din promising, what I could only presume were, dire threats in his native tongue. He was quite pinned beneath the weight of his fallen mount. I attempted to dissuade him from further hostility with my spear but couldn’t seem to make myself understood. No sooner had Zandu began translating than Mischief sqwuaked warning of new intruders. I looked up and spotted the movement of another kobold from behind us. Counting Kapmak out of the fight I launched my spear across the room and alerted my complanions. We were positioned poorly to take their assault and they started by hitting Kerrdermak. I had to manuever around one of our kobold allies, and took a glancing blow for the attempt. I returned in kind with a swing that caught the enemy in the arm and laid open his offhand. Kerrdermak engaged him as well and felled the beast with a strike of his club.

Taking advantage of our distraction we missed seeing Kapmak rise to his feet. The valiant, yet foolish warrior persisted in his attack despite overwhelming odds and weaponry. We finally dropped him, with a circle of our allies.

No sooner had he fallen than Mischief alerted us to yet another wave of kobolds. This time a group of four sought to sneak up on us and attack from behind (now the other direction…). I pulled my only remaining ranged weapon, the hammer, and threw, missing but alerting the others. Kieyanna fired her bow and fell the first one, and then the battle was joined. Our allies charged fearlessly forward, and while helpful, they had a tendence to block the narrow passages that formed these caves. Thankful for having worn the magical slippers, I re-activated them and charged forward, gradually running up the side of a passage and onto the ceiling. I swung, using the surprise and force of momentum to strike the lead kobold. He grunted under the force of blow. Gradually, we winnowed this force down as well but not before one attempted to run off.

I ran forward on the ceiling, charging after this fleeing kobold. I swung the Glintaxe in a tight arc, smashing into his chest and tearing through his shoulder. He was slain instantly but not before placing me in harms way again. I raised my eyes and saw the room ahead – filled with more kobolds, including a powerful leader. I charged forward and, without thinking, enraged at the sight of yet more enemies. I swung my axe and dealt a fearsome blow to their leader. In a rapid few moments I was swinging again, oblivious to the actions of those around me. I swung a final time, cleaving into the leaders chest and felling him to the ground. Blood sprayed and I screamed my tremendous rage. Leaderless and facing our overwhelming might (and a blood splattered, screaming warrior wielding an enchanted,thought-to-be-haunted axe while traversing the ceiling) the remaining kobolds fled. I ran from the ceiling in pursuit of the fleeing beasts but in my fury I seemed to hit nothing but the air around them. As they fled our allies our party felled them all; Kieyanna spitting one to the wall in a spectacular display of bow prowess. We re-gathered our weapons and rested a moment. I healed myself and and piled the bodies of the fallen kobolds. Our allies danced, pranced and chanted over their enemies and rejoiced in their victory. We took stock of the fallen and braced ourselves for the next push. It had spanned perhaps only five minutes but we were all slightly winded and sweating from the fury of battle. I presumed Kieyanna was beneath all that metal and Zandu seemed his normal composed self despite my only feeling of great exertion. As we sat Kerrdermak chattered and cajoled urging us to the north and a straight line for the “evil king”.

We moved north, following the entreaties of Kerrdermak to attack the evil Bloodscale King, Merlokrep. As we moved up and into the room we saw his majestic form. It was clear that he was a paragon of draconic might, with a fearsome axe and majestic crown. The first kobold to approach he felled with a single, mighty swing of his weapon. It must have been a terrible blade indeed as it loped the beasts head from his shoulders. Kieyanna’s arrows continued to strike true as we traded blows with the kobold ruler and his minions. She maneuvered behind him and executed an amazing shot to his neck, felling the king. His minions fell moments after.

Just up the hall from the throne room we could hear evil sounding chanting echoing from the hard stonewalls. Covered in blood or clothing and armor rent in small places and our allies stomping on the bodies of the fallen king and his warriors we were scarcely fit to continue any sort of fight…and yet we had no fifth child. As if the foreboding sounds were confirmation of our fears we paused only long enough to ask for additional warriors as guides from Kerrdermak, now a King Kerrdermak of the Truescales. He granted our wish with some hesitancy; already I could tell his demeanor had changed in the few moments since he’d come to possess the throne.

Our party wiped their brows and started up the hall after the terrible chants. We came on a hellish scene with a small, wizened kobold prancing on an ancient, runed and blood stained altar. Tied to was a badly injured elf, Tyran the last member of the Gray Eagles band. Two guards protected the evil, aged caster and they moved forward to stop us, blocking access to the room, to the mage, his sacrifice … and to Hollan, hiding on the farside! The caster killed the mage with a terrible dagger, sacrificing him and promptly cast Invisibility on himself. I knew the spell and instantly knew the boy was in danger. I pulled one of my thunderstones and threw it, hoping to stun the murderous old kobold and his guards – sadly the item had no effect on them. I did the only option left to me to find the murderous kobold – I created water over top the area of the altar, hoping to splash him with it and discern his outline. My plan worked brilliantly and Kieyanna feathered him with a shaft, which promptly disappeared amidst a whelp. The guards and our allies traded blows – as well as attacks from Zandu and his fearsome, oddly shaped sword. Kieyanna kept tracking the caster even as he summoned a fearsome swarm of small spiders. While I recalled the terrible effects of the poison from our previous encounters I pushed that from my mind. I moved closer to Hollan, hoping to shield him from the aged kobold and summoned more water to aid finding him. Kieyanna feather his body again and the sorcerer promptly dropped his magical cloaking spell. By this time the guards were nearly finished and the caster was poised to pounce on Hollan and cut his heart from his chest. I swung the Glintaxe and hoped it was a true swing. When it connected with the frail old kobold he collapsed. At last all five were safe and with us.


Zandu abacus

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