Hollow's Last Hope

Encountering New Companions

PC encounter

Dhohar entered the clearing with great reluctance. For the past several minutes of travel he’d not even needed his keen direction sense – he could feel an evil sensation emanating from the direction of the witch’s hut. He knew in his bones that must be where she lived; creatures that cut bargains costing one’s eyesight were not truly benevolent.

Rumble seemed unfazed however. Perhaps it was his relative youth, perhaps it was his simple “bear philosophy” but he continued his rolling gait easily matching Dhohar’s strides. The bear was learning and growing every day and Dhohar wondered if their bond would continue to deepen as Rumble grew. The Elder Druids always said it would and he hoped that was so.

Lost in these thoughts he eyed the small, round mud hut that stood in the middle of the clearing. It looked abandoned; occupants either dead or gone. It was almost a relief to see it in that condition – he had not looked forward to trying to bargain with the witch that lived there…
…and then he noticed the trio on the far side of the clearing watching him carefully. A taller woman, clad in metal armor and carrying a bow, arrow nocked, but not drawn; a smaller man clad in bound robes with a colorful scarf (he looked somewhat out of place in the woods but he seemed at peace) and grizzled man that looked like a forester, with a shortbow at the ready. Dhohar did not know what their purpose might be here, but chatting would be a good idea rather than barging into a fight. He asked Rumble to sit , waved and then began a slow and steady march towards the far side of the clearing to greet the new arrivals to the clearing.


Zandu abacus

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