Hollow's Last Hope

Jeva Encounter

A Wolf in Girl's Clothing

The warewolf retaliated from the surprise attack and quickly shifted from her girl-form into the feral beast-form. It had taken Zandu by surprise and he half stepped back giving the beast time to complete the change and retaliate. Zandu had not expected this…A deranged child, feral with living in the woods and hungering for food, yes, but a warewolf, no. He regained his composure and quickly began to grapple with the beast hoping to deny it the ability to tear him limb from limb with her sharp claws. The two grappled for a full 45 seconds before Dhohar and Kieyanna came running back to see what had been following them since entering the trees. Kieyanna quickly drew her silver dagger (tarnished with heat stains from the burning of the spiders) and threatened the beast with the dagger to the throat. This gave Zandu the opening he needed to pin the beast. Dhohar retrieved rope and securely tied the warewolf preventing her from making any further attacks at her pray. The ferocious snarls changed to an almost a child-like helpless whimper. It was a noise most discongruent to the feral look of the monstrous beast. Dhohar stood there with a hand out pointing directly at the creature. “Warewolf!” he said slightly shifting from foot to foot. I knew they would be here. Just like the stories!" He was more excited than he had ever been. His normally controlled demeanor was broken for a minute. (perhaps some rage was building)

JevaThe beast writhed and contorted under the restraints. She gave an inhuman wail and then her body reverted back to the little girl who had been following them through the woods. The rope on her hands and feet became lose and she pulled her hands up defensively and began to beg for her life. Jeva is a rail-thin, green-eyed girl of fourteen years, although she is particularly diminutive for her age. Her mouse-brown hair is a tangle of twigs and brambles and her face is smudged with dark stains. Her back, arms, and legs are covered with brutal scars. She pleaded with the adventurers in elven.

“Please don’t hurt me. I was merely surprised by his attack on me.” Her eyes dart over to Zandu who is looking bewildered at her foreign form of language. "I have been living out here all alone ever since the Halfway House burned down. I am hungry. Do you have any food?"

The confused look from Zandu was enough to prompt his companions into translating. “Hungry, humph. Hungry for our blood aren’t you girl.” Zandu asked her in the common tongue. But never one to judge too quickly, he withdrew some dry rations and handed them to her. “I hope for our sake this sates your hunger.” the girl immediately began eating thankfully. She lets out a sigh of relief after finishing the bit of food. “I haven’t eaten in days.” She said. Ever since I went to the orphanage where Elara turned us into these beasts. I can barely control it sometimes. She was crying now.

“What is your name, child?” asked Zandu.

"I’m Jeva. I lived in Falcon’s Hollow with my parents. They were potters in town. One day we went for a picnic and were attacked by bandits." The memory has made the tears stream freely from her face and she uses her hands to wipe them away. “Both my parents protected me and we made it back to the outreaches of town before they could go no further. The look on my mother’s face was so peaceful as she looked at me and I brushed her hair.” She sniffled and was quiet for a minute. Her eyes darkened as she shifted to a new thought. “Afterwards I went to that horrible place….The halfway house. Matron Elara was so sweet and kind to me at first. But the others knew what it was. She was a warewolf and was using the orphanage as a cover to make a whole pack of warewolves. I didn’t want to do it.” She rubs the scars on her legs and arms. "She didn’t like it very much. She didn’t make it easy. She kept me in chains for months and came only to cut on me. Then she caused me to change into…that. That thing that comes from within me and I can only just control it enough. That was when the fire happened. One of the other children decided he’d had enough of Elara’s mistreatment and set fire killing everyone. I was able to get out only because she was torturing another boy. I have been living out here because I don’t trust myself to go back to Falcon’s Hollow….Perhaps it would be better if you were to kill me now." She collapsed into sobs with her hands over her face.

Zandu offered a word of encouragement. He believed her story held mostly truth but perhaps she was stretching some of the details. But after the trauma she had experienced it was obvious that she had to change the truth to fit her own sense of morality. Even as a creature of evil power she sees herself as doing the right thing to maintain her humanity. She had to have been living like this for at least 4 months….since the Halfway House burned down. That was a testament to this girl’s sense of survival.

When asked about the missing children Jeva recounts how she was out hunting the kobolds waiting to find one straggler when they came and attacked and took all five children back to their lair. It was beneath an old ruined monastery at the base of the mountain.


Zandu Zandu

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