Hollow's Last Hope

Title zandu, Kieyanna, and Dhohar were enjoying a dinner at Jak’a’Napes talking about the roughness of the town. Dhohar raised the question, Has anyone run into the half-orc named Kabran Bloodeye? I overheard some woodcutters saying that he runs a particularly rough ilicit brothel. I was horified to hear this. He may be worse than Kreed.

Zandu who had spent most of his time researching the religious artifiacts found in what they now knew was Droskar’s Crucible had not had the time to hear about Kabran.

Just as the discussion was warming up to who was the most vile creature in the civilized town of Falcon’s Hollow the door to the Inn burst open and a man dressed in the soldiers’ gear of the Consortium demanded everyone’s attention. He began in a deep voice that carried over the clatter from the kitchen, “The Gavel has offered a 50gp reward to whomever returns his son. There is no more information.” With that he turned around and left as quickly as he had come. The room errupted with a flutter of excitement as travelers and woodcutters exchanged information on what what happening.

After spending an hour talking to locals you learn about the five missing children from the town. Everyone is eager to share the gossip they know about the children and their parents. Its seems the kids had made a kind of gang and often went off exploring around town and even beyond the walls. But this time they have not been seen since yesterday morning.


Kimi Eavewalker: Daughter of the famed elven ranger Idris and a beautiful seamstress named Kitani, Kimi has not seen her father in two years. The ranger is constantly away adventuring and tracking down relics for a mysterious patron. Kimi idolizes her dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps as soon as she is old enough to wield a sword. Kimi is the protector of this band of friends, often scrapping with boys twice her age who try to bully the others. She usually wins these bouts, and many of the town’s children are afraid of her.

Hollin Hebbradan: Hollin is a freckly faced ten-year-old boy missing his two front teeth (from a bad spill off the waterwheel at the old mill). Hollin’s mother died in childbirth and his father was savaged by an owlbear two years ago. Now Hollin’s older sister, a beautiful young red-haired woman named Ralla, looks after him. The two have struggled to make ends meet and rumor has it Ralla works in one of the pleasure dens on Mud Street to keep food on the table. Hollin is a skilled woodcarver and he manages to earn a few copper pieces hawking his statuettes. The boy’s only aspiration is to grow up faster and work the cutyards so his sister won’t have to set foot in a brothel ever again.

Mikra Jabbs: The thirteen-year-old son of the town butcher, Colbrin Jabbs, Mikra’s difficult birth resulted in several mental deficiencies. He cannot read, is easily confused, and believes almost everything he is told. Mikra is well liked by everyone. While not incredibly bright, the boy possesses limitless kindness and his bright smile wins the hearts of almost anyone who meets him. Though the oldest of the bunch, Mikra is looked after by the others.

Jurin Kreed: Son of the wealthiest, most powerful, and evilest man in Falcon’s Hollow, Jurin Kreed is a boy of eleven torn between his family and friends. In public, Jurin behaves insufferably, snarling at the other children and threatening to have his dad’s bodyguards beat them if they don’t do everything he says. People wonder why the other children don’t simply avoid the spoiled bully, but Colbrin Jabbs knows the boy has a good heart deep down, and in private would do anything to help his friends. Jurin spends many hours at the Jabbs’s house reading to his son Mikra in the afternoons.

Savram Vade: Son of the mysterious wizard Sharvaros, Savram is a quiet, withdrawn nine-year-old boy, whose bright eyes betray intelligence far beyond his years. When he is old enough he will no doubt follow his father into the cryptic life of a wizard.

Zandu thought about what the Justicar had said earlier that day. How this town needed good people. Even Kreed, with his corrupt ways was offering a gold reward. 3 years worth of wages for a woodcutter. But he did not appeal to the hearts of anyone. Just the physical reward. Perhaps he does not think there are any good people would do it out of the goodness and need of finding lost children. Maybe there aren’t any people like that here.

While talking to Kieyanna, Ralla Hebbrandan had mentioned that her brother didn’t come home last night. She was hoping they were off playing adventures somewhere and getting a good dinner. Now to know the kids are missing will devistate Ralla. She lived for her brother.

No one from the Inn made any indication they were going to search for the lost children. Had they been in the The Sitting Duck the story would have been all too different. At the proclomation of the reward the entirety of the tavern full of mercenaries and adventurous scum, to include the proprietor, Nef, would have announced they were headed out immediately to drag the wayword child back to his father…dead or alive.

Thuldrin Kreed has half his hired guards out scouring for his missing son. Woodcutters are frustrated that the self-centered man has pulled their security off and cares nothing for the other children.


Zandu Zandu

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