Hollow's Last Hope

Title after spending a few days in the Jack of Nape’s Inn you have picked up rumors and heard telling of the dungeon beneath the Dwarven Ruins from wince you have recently returned. Old Greypelt has long prevented any woodsman from attaining the treasure therein but you have recently killed the Warg, Greypelt. Knowing you might have the hand up on any other treasure seekers you think it might provide opportunities for great wealth.

After asking the right questions and conducting a little research about the area you find out the following information.

Asking about the strange dwarven religious symbol yields the name of Droskar. This is the name of a malicious dwarven god. Rumors of torture and depraved acts linger surrounding the monastery. After seeing the prison cells it starts to make sense. Asking about the ancient site at the church in town reveals one cleric’s view.

Darkmoon Vale was not always the savage frontier it is today. More than a millennium ago, a vast dwarven kingdom sprawled across the landscape and pervaded deep into the stubborn rock below. Their civilization was unrivaled in its time, but as most grand kingdoms do, the dwarves conquered themselves from within. As their glories became innumerable, the dwarves’ decadence knew no bounds and their society began to collapse. Rampant indulgence fueled corruption, and soon the honor, discipline, and benevolence upon which the kingdom was built gave way to petty infighting over status, wealth, and power. The tattered kingdom sputtered and wheezed, but its death was delayed by the rise of a new cult devoted to a mirthless god of woe.


Zandu Zandu

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