Hollow's Last Hope

Return from the Underworld

Kieyanna was enjoying her time relaxing back in Jak’a Napes after the adventurers had returned to Falcon’s Hollow with the children in tow. While stretched out on her much-comfier-than-the-stone-floor bed, her firefoot curled up at her side, she reflected on the past few days.

They had been brutal days, full of battles, fear, and anger. She’d been so worried about the children of the town, and was immensely relieved when they saved Hollin from an untimely demise, though she worried about his mental state—he’d been mostly catatonic since they saved him.

She had stayed back with the children while Zandu and D’hohar went up to the surface and procured food for the group. The children had been so excited to eat freshly caught game and ripe berries. All had wolfed down their shares and then some. During her portion of the watch, Kieyanna had mostly stared at Hollin and thought about his sister. She knew that Ralla would be glad to have her brother back, but wasn’t sure how well she would have been treated during his absence, and a less-than-smiling burlesque dancer wasn’t likely to bring in much business for her money-hungry boss.

After Kieyanna had returned back to the village and spent a day resting, washing her clothes, and giving her Firefoot ear-scratches, she had ventured down to the Rogue Lady to visit Ralla and see how she was doing with Hollin’s return and his mental state. What she had found was abhorrent.

Ralla was covered in bruises that she tried to cover with makeup and strategically placed scarves, but Kieyanna could see beyond it. After some coaxing, Ralla admitted that Kabran Bloodeye had been less than impressed with her performance while she was anxious about her brother’s safety. She was even now still worried about her brother —his mental state hadn’t improved much since his return, and he spent most of his time sleeping in a dark corner of his sister’s room. Kabran wasn’t taking too kindly to Ralla’s wanting to spend time looking after her brother, either.

Kieyanna thought a while about the situation before asking how Ralla would feel about leaving the Rogue Lady, leaving Falcon’s Hollow, and taking her brother somewhere else—a town with good health care for her brother and better opportunities for her. Ralla seemed scared; Kieyanna could understand. It would be scary to leave behind everything you knew and move forward into the unknown, but Kieyanna thought it would be best for her friend and for her friend’s brother. The two of them had discussed possibilities until early in the morning, and Kieyanna had promised to talk to her companions about the potential for taking Ralla and Hollin with them when they left Falcon’s Hollow.

She knew it would be tough to convince Bloodeye to let his big breadwinner go—together the adventurers had nearly enough money to pay her supposed debt to him, but they would need that money for accommodations, food, travel, other manner of things on their journey away from Falcon’s Hollow and on to other places. It might be that it would come to violence before Bloodeye would let Ralla go, so Kieyanna knew she would need to speak with D’hohar and Zandu before bringing that down on their party.


Zandu ALHarrison

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