Hollow's Last Hope

Kieyanna's Journal: The Adventure Begins

When Kieyanna heard about the missing children, her heart leapt into her throat. One of the missing children was her new friend Ralla’s brother. He was the reason she stayed compliant and kept working at the den of iniquity in town. Kieyanna knew well the terror and horror of hearing that a loved one was missing, and wanted to do everything in her power to help.

Dhohar had mentioned that his bear, Rumble, could track smells, so Kieyanna ventured down yet again to The Rogue Lady. She was less than pleasant this time when requesting entry to see Ralla. She had her sword strapped to her back and made sure to snap at the men who’d mentally undressed her during her last visit. She found Ralla in the back in her large, lavish dressing room (furnished by Kabran Bloodeye), in a heap on the floor. Ralla was laying very still, quietly sobbing into a pillow.

Kieyanna softly called her name and bent down to check on her new friend. Ralla startled when Kieyanna touched her, but looked relieved to see a friendly face at this time of tumult. She grabbed Kieyanna in a huge hug and held on like her life depended on it. “I hoped he was just out late last night with friends…I never thought he’d go out and try to spend the night up at the ruins of the halfway house!” Kieyanna spoke in soothing tones and assured her friend that she and her companions were taking on the case. Ralla looked hopeful after learning this—after all, Kieyanna, Zandu, and Dhohar had gathered the supplies necessary to find a cure for the sickness that had killed many in town. They had survived trials in doing so, and surely they could find the missing children.

Ralla gave Kieyanna one of her brother’s shirts when Kieyanna explained that they could use the scent to track the kids. Kieyanna felt a need to share the story of her mother, which she had not done since the incident occurred. She told her tale in a halting voice, tears streaming down her face. As she related the frantic search for her mother, she was overcome with emotion and Ralla took her hand to help give strength and show her support. Kieyanna appreciated this very much and was able to make it through most of her tale—but she thought better of telling the true ending and instead lied and said that she and her father had found her mother in time. She choked up telling the lie, but knew that Ralla wouldn’t be able to handle the truth at the moment. She needed hope, and Kieyanna was here to give it to her. Kieyanna gave Ralla one last hug and promised to return as soon as possible with her brother.


Zandu Zandu

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