Hollow's Last Hope

As darkness was falling in the Darkmoon forest the adventurers, Zandu, Kieyanna, Dhohar Ker’ki’hel, and their guide, Milon Rhoddam, found themselves in a glade with an enormous tree at its center. Certainly this was the Elder Tree where they would find the Elder Moss. The tree towered nearly 300 feet into the air and had a trunk 30 feet in diameter. Large branches extended in every direction and obscured the majority of the tree in a dense folliage.

With Rhoddam and Dhohar remaining on the edge of the wood to guard from any attackers hiding in the forest, Zandu and Kieyanna approached the trunk of the tree in search of the moss. As they reached the trunk, Zandu spotted a primative form of a dragon. A cross between a snake and a dragon. With a strong tail-like body and weak front claws and a vicious mouth of razor-sharp teeth the Taztlworm pounced on Kieyanna. With just enough time to raise her guard the beast raked its claws across her scale-mail doing little damage. Zandu, scarf in hand, quickly lashed out. The blades ripping little gashes in its hide and drawing a fit of shrieks from its maw. The next instant Kieyanna was stepping back and drawing an arrow and sinking it into the beast’s chest. Again, the creature reared forward and missed, too distracted with pain to concentrate on its attack. Another flurry of attack from Zandu left it dripping blood and Kieyanna finished it off with a second arrow before it could flee up the tree.

The attack was over in a blink of an eye and thankfully no one was hurt. Dhohar came jogging up just after the beast quit moving. “We heard the attack and I came running.” he explains. “Rhoddam stayed to keep an eye out for more attackers…Are you alright?” The look of worry creases his ordinarily calm face.

With a glint in her eye, Kieyanna replies, “All set here. He tried to get me but I fought him off.” The two arrows are sticking nearly to the feathers and blood is seeping out of the holes. She gives a tug on one of the shafts but it doesn’t move. “Must have burried it in the bone.” She smiles a little. “I don’t need them back that badly. Let’s find that moss.”

Kieyanna begins climbing and finds the moss about 30 feet up the trunk. She pulls off a decent portion and places it in her pockets. From her higher vantage she sees the glint of steel abover her in the tree. Checking it out she confirms and calls down to the ground, “There are three bodies up here.”

Dhohar looks at the Taztlworm and up at the tree. “The beast must have carried them up there to feed on them. That might have been our fate if it had gotten the drop on us.”

“Look out below!” calls Kieyanna just before the first body hits the ground with a gut wrenching crunch. Then the second and then the third hit the ground. Their armor is mostly crushed and has teeth marks. The bodies are shreaded and some limbs are missing. After searching them for usable belongings the small pile includes: 1 masterwork shortbow, 2 crossbows, 2 shortswords, 9 days of trail rations, 1 signant ring that Zandu estimates to be worth 5gp, and 7gp and 9sp. Rhoddam has salvaged a set of hide armor he thinks will be perfect for a friend and takes a crossbow. Kieyanna claims the shortbow as a backup and the rest is packed away to sell back in town.

The four move out of the glade in the almost dark sky and make camp along the shore of the river. The night passes without incident and at first light the group makes way for Falcon’s Hollow. They say goodby and thankyous to Rhoddam at the lumber camp. He accepts the offered 15gp as payment for his guiding the group safely through the forest. After lunch, Zandu, Kieyanna, and Dhohar arrive in Falcon’s Hollow and return to Laural’s shop. She is exstatic to see the group and quickly takes the ingredients and while mumbling her excitement about the right ingrediates she busies herself by chopping, grinding, mixing, boiling, and finally distilling the poition to make a vial of the hopeful cure. This takes longer than the adventurers are willing to stand by. Laural hands each the promised 30gp and directs them to the inn for a bite of good food and a bath. “You could use a bath,” she says. Which coming from a woman who lives in a shop full of smelly herbs this means something.

By nightfall the word of a true cure circulates and the line around Laural’s shop is wrapped around her building. 36 have succumed to the fungus in the lungs but so many more have been saved. The cure brings even those on deaths door back to the world of the living. After two days the town has mostly recovered and are mourning the loved ones lost.


Zandu Zandu

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