Hollow's Last Hope

The Interview

Red Eye was just tying his trousers shut when he turned around and saw the bear.
He’d avoided the town as much as possible after the funeral of the Tyran Moonsliver. He’d been trying to work up what he would say to the adventurer Dhohar so he could move on. He’d been so preoccupied with his situation while he was under the tree he was caught completely off guard by the small black bear that had wandered behind him and was studying him. Red Eye stared back at the beast wondering if he was going to have to blast the poor creature when he heard the polite cough to his left.
Red Eye didn’t even turn around when he said “Hmmm… you have a habit of catching people with their pants down…”.
“My apologies, you surprised us as well” responded Dhohar. Red Eye turned and looked at the speaker with the pet bear. “I thought you were further towards the river.”
“It’s better not to get too close to the river and attract possible attention from boats. Also it’s unwise to pee where you eat.”
Dhohar snickered “Well then. May we join you in your camp?”
“We?” Red Eye said with a nod to the small bear.
“Of course. That is my friend Rumble.”
Red Eye smiled and said, “Please follow me them.”
Red brought them to his small fire and tent. He laid out the bed roll for Dhohar to sit on while he claimed a fallen tree for himself. Red motioned to Rumble, “Does he like jerky?”
“He certainly does.”
Red reached into his pack and tore a small bit of some jerky he’d been chewing on and tossed at the feet of the bear. Rumble sniffed it gingerly, lapped it up in his mouth, and began to chew noisily.
Dhohar grinned, “You’ve made a friend for life.”
“God’s know I don’t have enough of them.” Red replied.
“Speaking of the God’s I did notice you were a member of the Green Faith.”
Red took a glance at his armor lying on the ground and retorted, “Whatever gave you that idea? Yes, the Stormlord grants my simple prayers.”
Dhohar smiled, “I happen to dabble divine magic as well.” He seated himself on the ground with his back to a tree, “But … I can’t do what you do.”
Red seated himself on the other side of the small fire. “So that would be why you sought me out?”
“Yes,” Dhohar replied, “Can you call the power of Gozreh to discern truth from lies?”
Red looked hard and long at the druid and thought about his options for a moment. He hadn’t committed to anything yet. But this looked like the best thing he had going for him at the moment. “Yes I can.”
“Are you prepared to do it now?”
“Yes I can.”
“Demonstrate please.”
Red Eye sat straighter, grasped the silver leave of the holy symbol around his neck, and looked inside his heart to the holy connection with his God. The cleric proclaimed “Gozreh knows all and hears all on the winds of fate! Let the truth be spoken and lies undone!” As he jabbed his finger at Dhohar a warm nimbus of light formed around him for a second and vanished as quickly as it arrived. He told Dhohar, “Speak your name to me.”
“Dhohar Ker’ki’hel”.
“Are you a druid?”
“Yes” Dhohar replied.
“How many men in your party?”
“Five men.” As Dhohar spoke a stiff gust of wind breeze blew into his face ruffling his hair and a spray of water from nowhere hit him in the face. Dhohar wiped the water from his face and eyes. “Ew… it’s salty.”
Red Eye grinned, “That was a lie. Tell me the truth.”
“One man, one woman, and myself,” Dhohar replied.
Red Eye looked at Dhohar hard, “Do you mean to do me harm?”
Red Eye watched as Dhohar flinched as he said “Yes.” Spray and wind lashed out at his face again. Dhohar wiped more spray out his eyes and said “Lying sucks with this spell.”
“That’s the point. Do you think your party will accept me as I am?”
Dhohar thought about it for a moment. Red Eye prepared for another spray to blast Dhohar in the face. “If you prove to be true and not do us wrong I see no reason why they will not.”
Red Eye was actually surprised at that answer. It was clearly in the scope of the spell as he only asked what Dhohar thought. Red was rarely accepted
Dhohar looked Red directly in the eyes and said, “You seemed surprised by that answer.”
“I truly am, but I’m also very pleased with the idea of people wanting me around. It’s pretty rare.” Red Eye tossed another piece of meat at Rumble and said, “So … when do I get to meet the rest of your friends?”


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