Hollow's Last Hope

The Little Warewolf

Dhohar hadn’t been out of the Crucible for even a full day when his mind kept going back to the promise he had made to a little girl in the woods. He had promised food and clothes to the poor eight year old who had the disfortune to have the curse of lycanthrope forced upon her by Elara, the woman who had used the cover of a “halfway house for children” as a breeding ground for her very own pack of warewolves. Jeva had been the only survivor and could not return to town due to her curse. Dhohar had heard many stories about lycanthrope and of many attempts to cure it. His research showed that wolfsbane was the best way to give the girl a chance at a normal life. The plant should grow in the woods of the Vale and he could get her some clothes and food.

The real trouble would being able to have enough healing power there to give her a fighting chance to push the curse out of her body once she had ingested the wolfsbane. He would need a priest to help with the blessings and such. You couldn’t be too careful with these kinds of things. As much as he wanted to believe Jeva’s story and think of her as the victim, Dhohar also had to face the facts that she may not be telling him the full truth. A priest’s ability to discern lies from truth would come in handy if Jeva proved difficult in his next meeting.

The answer was very simple. Dhohar needed the help of Red Eye. Dhohar had met the recent arrival to Falcon’s Hollow earlier that day after the funeral pyre of Tyrin. Red Eye had only been in town a couple of days and was looking for almost anything to bide his time and get out of town. From his brief discussion with Red Eye, the interesting Half Elf/Half Orc, it seemed he had suffered some sort of misfortune that landed him in this backwater town. Red Eye had made no effort to conceal his desire to find passage out of town as soon as possible. Perhaps a voyage into the wood, and the promise of some coin, would easily convince him to seek out the warewolf girl.


Zandu Zandu

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