Hollow's Last Hope

Walking, Zandu's Ambitions

Zandu passed the hours of walking in the dense Darkwood Forest by chatting with Kieyanna and Dhohar. Jeva led the way where they could all clearly see her and watch if she tried to turn on them. Jeva was guiding them along game trails through the dark forest. Barely any light passed through the high canopy creating a sense of dark and danger. Zandu had been traveling with Kieyanna for nearly two weeks and had just met Dhohar four days earlier. They had become something of what Zandu considered friends. They spent a while walking and talking. Dhohar started by asking about Zandu about why he was traveling. Zandu thought it over a minute before answering.

“I have been traveling for over a year now.” He stroked the colorful Varisian Scarf that was slung over his shoulders that reminded him of home. “I was raised in a tribe of Varisian Wanderers who taught me the values of learning from people of different places. After spending years in Varisia I knew it was time to see more of the world.” He reached into the left bottom pocket of his vest and pulled out his harrow deck. “I had seen in the cards that there was more in the world for me than just a life in Varisia. I think it came from my first encounter with a Pathfinder Chronicler, Ramos Kendro, who was searching for ancient buried treasures beneath Varisia. He spoke of the wonders of the world and the Pathfinder Society whose job is to track down ancient artifacts or record the events of our lives. I knew that day I wanted to be a Chronicler.” Zandu replaced the cards in his pocket and let his hands swing at his sides with each step. He made eye contact with first Dhohar and then Kieyanna. “I hope to make it to Absalom and join the Society. I was headed there when I ran out of money and could not afford passage on a ship. The only paying job I could find was as a caravan guard headed here. That is where I met Kieyanna.”

In response to Dhohar’s question about why he would draw him to a city such as Absalom, Zandu said, “Absalom is the veritable center of the world. The city has buildings bigger than any other city and the architecture is amazing. The history goes back further than any other part of the world, at least as far as we know. And there are people from every nation.” His eyes glow and his speech is fast and excited. “The centers of learning are the best and the exposure to new information is the preeminent in the world we know. I am a follower of Irori and it is my sworn quest to find more knowledge and perfect myself. Where better to accomplish both than at the Center of the World?"

The conversation moved to other people’s hopes and wishes leaving them to understand that Zandu was a man with a purpose. He had his faith in Irori who drove Zandu to perfect himself and seek further understanding of the world.


Zandu Zandu

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