Idris Eavewalker

An adventurer of great repute within Darkmoon Vale


Idris is a tall lengthy human with dark hair, crystal blue-gray eyes and hard chiseled features. He carries himself with the grace of a stag, though he’s got the look of a hunter, rather than the hunted about him. He is a hard man, inside and out, and it shows.


Despite his famed reputation as one of the most successful adventurers in all the Western Baronies, little is actually known about Idris Eavewalker. Outside of the Tindor Forest Idris is a Marksman without rival, that is certain. In fact some say he even dwelt among the Woodelves for a time, though whether there is anything to this speculation, who can say. It is known that Idris began his career as one of the founding members of Fangwatch. Yet early on Idris had a falling out with Rutho Steiggerson and so left to join up with the Azure Guard, an adventuring party that had recently arrived within the Western Baronies. After one successful quest with the Guard however, Idris met Kitani and gave up adventuring for a period to be wedded to his elven beauty.

In time Idris returned to the adventurers life, this time, striking out on his own. He began by taking commissions here and there and developed a reputation for getting the job done. If many of his employers often found Idris to be cold and aloof, they also knew him to be possessed of a cold efficiency. As the years went buy, Idris’s legend grew. Yet while his name has achieved great renown, few actually know anything about the man behind the name.

Idris Eavewalker

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