Shavaros Vade

A reclusive old wizard who seems more than a bit off


Sharvaros is tall and wiry. Despite being one of the few wealthy non-consortium members of Falcon’s Hollow, Vade tends to dress in old, ragged leather garb. His dark brown hair oily and peppered with gray, and his thin face is perpetually covered in course stubble. There is a hollow sadness in Vade’s eyes.


In his younger days, Shavaros Vade served as a teacher and alchemist at the University of Caldoranth. Due to an untrue accusation of rape by a student of his, Sarvaros lost his teaching position and was forced to flee South in disgrace, into the frontiers of the Western Baronies. Made bitter by his experience, he nonetheless found love once again in his eventual wife, Amele. Sharvaros was short lived, however, as Amele died only a year after giving birth to their son, Savram.

After the death of Amele, Vade withdrew even further from society. He abandoned his tower in the heart of Falcon’s Hollow and he and his son have since dwelt in an old tower on the outskirts of town overlooking Falcon Hollow’s cemetery. The folks in town tend to give the new Vade’s tower a wide birth, as they mistrust the old wizard. Some say that Vade became obsessed with raising his wife and so began to practice dark arts. Others say that Sharvaros is Kreed’s secret witch, hexing all those that dare to cross the gavel. Whatever the case, no one goes near Vade’s cemetery tower these days.

Dhohar met and talked to Shavaros Vade on his second day in town while hunting for magical items.

The companions rescued Savram Vade, Shavaros’s son from a murderous group of Kobolds who hoped to sacrifice him and a group of his friends deep within Droskar’s Crucible in order to attain greater power.

Shavaros Vade

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