Vamros Harg

A soft, scared little halfling who pretends to serve justice at the Tribunal


Vamros Harg is an attractive young halfling fond of finery (he’s got a soft spot for Kitani’s silk) whose romantic interests run towards his own gender.


Harg was a failed barrister in Dawnhaven before coming to Falcon’s Hollow. Kreed supported Harg and put him in power with the understanding that he could just as easily tear down the magistrate at the first sign of disobedience. Kreed owns Harg and the halfling knows and hates it. Vamros doesn’t dare oppose the gavel directly, but every chance he gets he nudges cases away from Kreed’s greedy eye and tries to give people a fair shake. The halfling is ashamed of his own cowardice, but hey, who ever said the life of a bug was glamorous. Sometimes simply avoiding getting squashed is the best one can hope for.

Vamros Harg

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