Zandu Khellendros

Zandu is a monk of Irori and a Varisian Wanderer



STR 13 + 1 Light load: 50lbs
DEX 13 + 1
CON 11 + 0
INT 16 + 3
WIS 15 + 2
CHA 13 + 1

HP: 16 (2d8+0)
AC: 14 (10 + DEX (1) + WIS (2) + Dodge (1))
Flatfooted AC: 12 (10 + WIS (2))

BAB: + 1
Flurry Bonus + 0/+ 0
CMB: 4 (BAB (1) + STR (1) + Feat (2))
CMD: 15 (10 + BAB (1) + STR (1) + DEX (1)+Feat(2))


( 4 (class) + 2 (int) + 1 (human)/level)

5 Acrobatics (Dex)
1 Climb (Str)
3 Craft (Int)
1 Disguise (Cha)
1 Escape Artist (Dex)
2 Heal (Wis)
1 Intimidate (Cha)
8 Knowledge (history) (Varisia) (Int)
4 Knowledge (local) (Varisia) (Int)
7 Knowledge (religion) (Int)
5 Linguistics (Int)
7 Perception (Wis)
5 Perform (Cha) (Dance, Varisian)
6 Profession (Wis)(Fortune Teller)
1 Ride (Dex)
7 Sense Motive (Wis)
5 Stealth (Dex)
6 Survival (Wis)
1 Swim (Str)


Common, Varisian, Chelaxian, Draconic, Goblin, Dwarven


Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bladed Scarf) (level 1 feat)
Flurry of Blows (level 1 Monk Ability)
Stunning Fist (level 1 Monk Ability)
Unarmed Strike (level 1 Monk Ability)
Improved Grapple (level 1 Monk bonus feat)
Evasion (level 2 Monk Ability)
Dodge (level 2 Monk bonus feat)

Character Traits

Varisian Wanderer (Regional) (Inner Sea Primer p.22) +1 Profession (Fortune Teller and class skill)
Sacred Touch (Character Traits p.5) Can stabilize a dying character simply by touching it


Fists/Elbows/Knees 0gp 1d6 20×2 0lb B Monk (flurry)
Bladed Scarf 12gp 1d6 19-20×2 reach 10ft 2lb S Exotic (surprise/stealth/reach/grapple)
Temple Sword 30gp 1d8 19-20×2 3lb S Monk Proficient/flurry (+ 2 CMB trip)
Sai 1gp 1d4 20×2 1lb B Monk (+ 2 CMB disarm and sunder)
Masterwork Crossbow, light 335gp (loot) 1d8 19-20×2 8lb P (used for ranged)


The Truth

A narrative by Leslie Hillsner, Pathfinder Chronicler,

The Early Years

Zandu Khellendros was born on the island of Hermea in 3690AR. His parents were willing participants in the elitist colony of Promise. They had been recruited separately and met under their new guidance. His father was originally from the capital city Egorian of Cheliax. His mother was a wondering Varisian with a nomadic caravan who had refused to settle down.

Zandu experienced a typical childhood for children of Promise. He had the best schools, the most enlightened minds, the most practiced athletes, and the talented artists. He was steeped in the philosophy of the Glorious Endeavor 1. Promise is a city unlike any you will find in the rest of the world. Besides the fact that it’s ruler 2 is an ancient dragon who has taken up the task to perfect the human race as his personal goal, the city boasts uncharacteristic peace and prosperity amongst its residents.

Early on Zandu became interested in the wisdom and dedication exhibited by the monks. He liked their structured days and free exchange of information. He would visit their library whenever he could to seek out rare and hidden tomes of knowledge. He learned not only from his teachers and books but also from his parents. Both had lived half their lives in world at large and had many stories and lessons for their son. His mother, fluent in Varisian, bequeathed this skill to her brilliant son. He had soon mastered the nuances of the various dialects from different cities and regions that his mother had traveled. As he matured and neared the end of his formal school he decided to pursue a life of instruction with the monks. His would be a life of dedication to Mengkare beyond what most citizens are asked to give up.

Judged Worthy

On his 16th birthday he was tested by the Council of Enlightenment 3 to see if he would be given the opportunity to join the community as a full citizen. Every citizen of Promise is given the test to see if they are exceptional. If they pass they are deemed valuable to the gene pool of the community and an asset to the Glorious Endeavor. Once Zandu passed his test he participated in the momentous coming of age ceremony where he signed the Contract of Citizenship in front of Mengkare, himself.

Now as a citizen he began his apprenticeship at the Temple. Realizing his dream to enter those hallowed halls as a student of wisdom and perfection Zandu took his studies very seriously. He was noticed by his supervisors and quickly gained the eye of Markus Sellsen, a Council member on the board of recruitment. It was a testament of his devotion and keen awareness that Zandu be considered for one of the elite scouts. Only citizens who exhibit exceptional moral standards and self discipline are entrusted with the task of traveling Golarion in search of like-minded individuals to become Hermia’s next generation.

Training For Life

Through his training at the Temple to Perfection Zandu’s learning focused on expanding his mind and body. Daily regime honed his mind and he learned to focus his will to achieve any end. His masters taught him the use of many defensive weapons to thwart the villainy of the outside world. His parents had hoped their son would attain fame in the arcane academics but he was drawn to the power a body could have over another. The monks trained him in effective maneuvers to counter attacks and achieve martial dominance. As a native to Promise, he had to study and learn what life would be once leaving the peace and harmony of Hermea. Building on his knowledge base from his mother’s instruction he studied the worldly religions and governments so as to blend in once sent out to the world. This period of his life filled 3 years of study and practice. Monks, some of them recruits themselves, would challenge him on basic knowledge from the world over and specifics from Varisia. His assignment, though he did not know it yet, would be Varisia and environs. He received training in the art of passing hidden messages disguised as something else. His counsel contact made sure that his progress reports would not jeopardize his cover once he was established.

Building The Past

Zandu focused on building a believable false history. It would be his life as long as he was on mainland Golarion and he would have to believe it. The trouble he faced was reconciling the disconnect within himself 4. He knew he was a stalwart follower of Mengkare and a verdant believer in the Glorious Endeavor, but he would have to hide that under a facade. He would have to pretend to not know anything except rumors of the most inaccurate and widely believed so as not to show his hand. He had to create a complete persona for his worldly self. The counsel helped him with this too. Accentuating his natural Varisian and Chelaxian qualities (both found in large number in many of the coastal cities of Varisia) they created him a believable cover.

Zandu focused on the small things. Colors hold significant meaning to native Varisians. He studied the meanings and their use of the ceremonial Kapenia to tell family history. He learned to read the intricate designs and understand the lineage of the wearer. He learned the traditional dances. He learned the significances of tattoos and how to read them. These things would allow him to fit in and understand Varisian culture. Before leaving he carefully selected simple clothing in the tradition of a Varisian wanderer with lots of bright colors. He picked his most trusted weapons and secreted them about his person. He would sail to Varisia on his 19th birthday. Only 3 short years since entering those hallowed halls and journey to a new country with only his wit and a few coins. His mission: to seek out new talent and evaluate them for submission to the Counsel of Enlightenment. It was a lengthy process and his field reports were due every 6 months. A man named Udane Sargosa was his point of contact in Korvosa. All correspondence was to be sent care of him.
Entering The World

Zandu Khellendros landed in the seaport city of Korvosa in 3709AR at the age of 19. The next year he spent traveling around the seaboard searching for the perfect specimen… candidate to present to the Council of Enlightenment. Though he enjoyed sailing into Magnimar and seeing the magnificent ancient Irespan arch known in history book going back to the ancient Thessilon Empire, and visiting the lordless city of Riddleport, he did not find the quality of person he was looking for. He journeyed overland back to Korvosa ever keeping his eyes and ears alert to rumors of someone worthy.

The Cover

A monk of Irori dedicated to knowledge and self-perfection. Practiced with a traveling monk and took up the calling as a young Varisian wanderer. His mentor was Exalus Melodeus, and the fact that no one has heard of him does not discourage him (of course it is a lie so no one should have heard of him). Having attained enough training Zandu has started searching for his own path.
Interested in exploring ancient ruins (in this part of the world that can only mean Thessilon).
Scarf displays colors of meaning: Orange (happiness, resourcefulness) Green (wisdom, self control) and with some Violet (intuition).

“First the seed, then the trunk, then the leaf in the breeze.” The seed refers to a bloodline or family history. The trunk refers to the elders in a clan who helped raise the current generation. The leaf in the breeze refers to the wandering Varisians, free to go where they please thanks to the strength of their elders and their families.

“He who defends everything defends nothing”

Zandu tells a story of his youth where he was traveling the wilderness with his tribe and became separated after pondering the existence of a leaf. This was a formative part of his youth where he decided that the pursuit of perfection was worth the devotion. He was wondering the wilderness trying to rejoin his tribe when a lional appeared in front of him and proclaimed that

Personal Character

Morality: Zandu was a child of the Glorious Endeavor. He is a true believer in the road to perfection. Mengkare has laid the path for a road to ascendance. It is the belief of Promiseans that they are the stepping blocks to future generations better than themselves. It is their job to devote their lives to the betterment of their community. A true neutral person, Zandu often does what is best for himself and his trusted friends at the expense of the unworthy 5.
Conflict: Zandu has studied much of his life on how to disable without killing his opponents. He is not above killing but prefers to subdue when advantageous. When attacking on the offensive, Zandu will initiate with a surprise grapple attack from his disguised bladed scarf. After completing a successful grapple he will subdue his opponent with non-lethal blows from his arms and legs. After securely binding he will wake his captive and seek any information or just leave him for someone else to find. When acting on the defensive he will initiate a trip attack using his temple sword. Once on the ground he will deliver a flurry of blows until successfully rendering his opponent unconscious. Often he will leave them where they fall after searching them for any clues of who they were and what they were after…and taking any needed items. When he feels the opponent does not deserve to live (often attacking him would be sufficient evidence for Zandu to deem them unworthy as a person of worth would not simply attack a fellow without provocation) then he will initiate with a flurry of blows from his temple sword. Often to show the person how utterly worthless they are before ending their life he will attempt to catch and disarm their weapon using his sai. He feels this approach takes the fight right out of them and he does this to break their will.

Diplomacy: The young monk, Zandu, exhibits characteristic egotistical attitude towards non-practitioners of self-improvement. There is no baseline for one to qualify except that they should constantly be striving toward improvement. He detests people who think the world owes them something and are stagnant waiting for their reward. There is no greater belittlement from Zandu than to be called worthless. If he deems a person worthless then he often treats them as such despite his intellectual side telling him that politeness would sooner win the argument and achieve his goal. In these cases his superiority complex can show through. To those he deems worthy, however, he is helpful and works to establish friendship. Once a friend, he will endeavor to help wherever need arise.


Two things in life motivate Zandu more than others. He is professionally motivated by his desire to serve the Glorious Endeavor and find worthy recruits to join the colony. He does this out of zeal and passion to better others’ lives…those who deserve it. For these reasons he serves his “overseas” job with devotion and discipline. The numerous failed prospects have not caused him to despair. Zandu holds out hope that he will return with the perfect applicants to the Council of Enlightenment. He just has to find them.

Second only to his religious zeal is his intellectual desire to uncover lost knowledge in hidden ruins.


1 The primary tenant of the Glorious Endeavor, as founded by Mengkare, is to seek perfection in all action. The community is dedicated to the bettering the human race by selective breeding positive characteristics within its community.

2 The Hermean ruler is a mostly benevolent dictator. He calls it a Contractual Dictatorship. Upon being recruited to participate in the Glorious Endeavor, each citizen signs a contract with the ancient dragon, Mengkare. It undeniably relinquishes all free will the person felt they had before moving to Hermea. In exchange they trust in Mengkare to do what is right for the Glorious Endeavor…even if that means purging the gene pool.

3 The Council of Enlightenment is the governing body of Hermea. Operating under the willful eye of Mengkare the council is given to maintaining the day to day operations of Promise and outlying villages. One of their principle tasks is to evaluate all applicants and judge them worthy to join the Glorious Endeavor or not.

4 Zandu understood the difficult position he would be placed in as a Hermean agent. His loyalties would be a secret and he would pretend not to know anything about his true leaders. Not that this is so different than many ordinary people across Golarion every day, but the implications were numerous. His almost zealot belief in the Glorious Endeavor would not be understood by most. Nor could he hope to share his passion with any but the perfect specimen. As a student of learning and practitioner on the road toward perfection, he took up a patron god with a practiced belief in Irori—God of history, knowledge, and self-perfection.

5 The unworthy is a philosophical belief that there are certain beings in the world that are fundamentally worth less than that of others. This is a basic premise of the Glorious Endeavor as established by the great dragon Mengkare. The followers there teach that the citizens of Promise are selected based on their worth. Those not included in the community are unworthy to be included because they lack the talent or other distinguishing characteristics to earn them an invitation to join the establishment on Hermea.

Zandu Khellendros

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