Fabled axe of the Dwarven hero Glintaxe

weapon (melee)

+1 Battleaxe
1d8 +1


Found amidst a gelatinous cube that inhabited Druskar’s Crucible, the item has spent an unknown amount of time floating amidst the creature and has scoured the halls of the place too many times to count. The origin of the item is yet unknown, but it now rests in the hands of Dhohar. After having fought into the middle of the cube (literally) to get the item he is glad to have it. While the axe is not a favored weapon for him or his deity it has served him in good stead so far in adventuring into Druskar’s Crucible.

After using it to help slay the kobold King Merlokrep, Dhohar gave up this axe in favor of the King’s weapon, Manfeller. It currently is held as loot by the party of adventurers.


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