Harrow Deck

Deck of cards used to conduct a harrowing


This is a traditional fortune-telling deck of cards used by Varisian soothsayers and seers. Each Harrow deck consists of 54 cards divided into six suits of nine cards. The six suits correspond to the six ability scores (hammer for Strength, key for Dexterity, shield for Constitution, book for Intelligence, star for Wisdom, and crown for Charisma). Each card in a suit further ties in with one of the nine alignments, corresponding to the location of the symbol on the face of the card. In addition, each card has its own unique name, idependent of its suit and alignment.

It takes 2d4 minutes to perform a harrowing (an attempt to divine the future of a specific creature) with a Harrow deck. The exact results of any harrowing should be determined by the GM, who can use an actual Harrow deck (available at paizo.com) to perform the divination.

If you don’t have an actual Harrow deck to draw cards from in game, but you need to determine the suit and/or alignment of a card, you can use dice to determine the result. Roll 1d6 to etermine the suit (1=hammer, 2=key, 3=shield, 4=book, 5=star, 6=crown), and 1d10 to determine alignment (1=LG, 2=NG, 3=CG, 4=LN, 5=N, 6=CN, 7=LE, 8=NE, 9=CE, 10=roll again).


Zandu Khellendros carries a Harrow deck passed down to him from his mother.

Harrow Deck

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