Heartripper Blade

Evil Sacrificial Dagger

weapon (melee)

+1 Dagger
1d4 +1 damage

This +1 dagger is granted baleful powers when used in bloody sacrifice. Whenever used to deliver a coup de grace, the Heartripper Blade pulls the victim’s still beating heart free from his body. you may then consume the heart to gain any of the following abilities.

1.) You may eat the heart to gain a simultaneous remove disease, restoration, and cure serious wounds effect.

2.) You may utter a command word and cause the heart to burst into flames, after which the Blade becomes a +2 flaming burst dagger for 1 hour. this consumes the heart.

3.) You may speak a blasphemous second command word to cause the heart to boil and smoke. Breathing in the smoke gives you glimpses of the future or far off places and objects, granting you the ability to use divination or scrying. this consumes the heart.


Taken from the evil kobold sorcerer Jekkajak this dagger has been the source of much woe in the final moments of the lives of it’s victims. It possess terrible powers when used to slay another person and the current party seeks to find some method to either destroy it or sell it to someone of good intentions.

Heartripper Blade

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