Hollow's Last Hope

Finish Line: The King is Dead, Long-live the King!

[the entry between the last and this is missing with clear signs of something having ruined the pages that once held it.]

I’ve chosen for the moment to keep a more sparse style in relaying the encounters as they occurred. In truth, many minor details were lost to my feeling of tiredness and recurring wounds. I’ve had a number of revelations due to my adventures and plan to lay those out as a separate matter after a basic account of the events.

Packing it In

Dhohar volunteered to venture back to the surface with Zandu on a hunting expedition. He confessed that Rumble and Mischief were both in need of fresh air and trees. Rumble had not found a place to relieve himself since entering the subterranean monastery yesterday. Additionally, despite all Dhohar could do to ease the wounds of his companions they simply needed sun and fresh air. The two of them along with Rumble and Mischief prepared to travel back to the surface. The children were resting after the excitement of their reunion having warn off. Kieyanna stayed behind with Edgrin to ensure they did not run away like last time.

The journey out was uneventful. It took a solid half hour to walk 500 feet back to the courtyard of the monastery. Zandu crept up the stairs. He could see faint light flowing in from the hall two rooms away. This had been the den of a vile Warg, Greypelt, when they came through the first time. It was good to see that nothing had taken up residence in his vacancy. They made it through the small anteroom and into the hallway where light shown in from the crumbling stone walls. The ceiling was collapsed in the Eastern corner letting in more light. They went South to the doubledoors and into the courtyard. It was quiet. The area looked undisturbed. Once outside they could hear the chatter of birds and critters of the forest. Mischief took flight and found a high branch on which to squawk. Rumble rolled around in the dirt and grass re-scenting to the smells of the natural world. There had about two hours before dark. Dhohar and Zandu began scouting for food. Dhohar was spectacular at hunting. He had survived living almost totally off the land as he left his homeland in search of his place in the world. He used the new crossbow he had taken from the monastery with which he quickly bagged three pheasants, two rabbits, and a fox. Zandu gathered nearly two pounds of blueberries that were just before their season. They were too hard but would serve well to flavor the gamey meat. Gathering a selection of deadwood Zandu roped it together. In this way he could drag it down to the kitchen and cook to food there.

Dinner was a hit. Everyone ate and ate all the food. It would be sad in the morning when berries were the only thing to tide their hungry bellies but after 3 days of meager portions the meat was a welcome treat. After dinner they slept, the adults taking turns on guard shift in the hall. The night passed quietly but the next morning brought new problems. Zandu talked to Edgrin, Kieyanna, and Dhohar about what to do with Tyran’s body. They couldn’t leave him here for some vile creature to devour him. Kieyanna raised the issue that his bloody corpse might alarm the children. They all agreed that Tyran needed to go back to town for a proper burial. As Dhohar studied his glyphs and prepared spells, Zandu having trained with the monks and knowing some rituals prepared Tyran’s body for transport. He did the best he could do with the tools and short supply of water. He cleaned the body free of blood and combed out the hair. Then he washed the clothes and redressed him. It was a rush job and more would be needed when they reached town but it would suffice for transport. He, at least, looked peaceful now. Kieyanna had repurposed some wood from the benches in the mess hall to use as a sled for Tyran. They lashed him to the boards and loaded up their equipment before gathering the children for the walk home.

The going was slow but they changed out pulling the sled often so everyone was ready if attacked. They made it out of the lower level without incident, retracing the steps Zandu and Dhohar had taken the previous night. The morning light crept in and warmed everyone’s hearts. It was a sign of safety after the cold calamity of the previous four days. Dhohar rigged the sled for Rumble to pull. He was a strong bear and quite capable of pulling the sled. But he did not like it hindering his movements. He repeatedly sat down on the trail and nibbled at berries and other plants. But he was a good trooper and lessened the burden of the party. The trip back through the woods was surprisingly quiet. Perhaps it was because there were so many of them that the forest creatures left them alone or perhaps something was looking down on them with pity.

The townspeople spotted the party crossing the wide open plains that had grown around Falcon’s Hollow. The once wooded town had been the center of the lumber operations and now stood barren with low grass and small rolling hills. It was eight miles to the treeline from the town. Runners came to get the news from the approaching party and word reached the city before the beleaguered party arrived at the gates. The families were there to receive their children in their arms. Every eye was wet, even Thuldrin Kreed, the harsh mayor of the town and provincial leader of the Lumber Consortium. Edgrin, the ever-graceful bard took up a song about the party’s triumphs and conquests over the evils of the monastery. He called them Kingslayer and Illuminators of the Lost; Nature’s Vengeance he said because so many different animals fought as part of the team. A cleric from the Temple of Iomedae came out to take Tyran’s body to prepare it for rituals.

After the initial excitement of the returned children the crowd started to disperse. Words of thanks were uttered to the triumphant party for nearly half an hour before they could escape. Edgrin led them back to the house his party had leased from the Lumber Consortium following their rise to fame. He handed over the key to Zandu, Dhohar, and Kieyanna saying that he would no longer need it. He was heading out of town and would tell great stories of their victories and their selfless acts. Word of their deeds would spread far and wide before them. This he vowed. The moderate house (labeled “A” on the map of Falcon’s Hollow) would serve them nicely until they chose to leave. However long that may be. Edgrin said his goodbyes and went to oversee the last rites of his friend.

The Fifth
The Fifth

The elation at finding the fifth child from Falcon’s Knights Adventuring Group was overwhelming. Zandu had not expected to find them all alive. He had witnessed the aftermath of a lot of depraved acts from his year of traveling since leaving Hermea. Five young children being taken captive by a hoard of kobolds did not leave many happy endings to the imagination.

Zandu took a moment amidst the turmoil to think about the incredible people who had accomplished this impossible task. He left Promise to find people of incredible character to join the Glorious Endeavor back on Hermea, and here they were standing around him. The honor and incredible will of Kieyanna, not to mention her physical prowess, were exactly the qualities he was looking for. And Dhohar, a caster, half-elf, and deep searcher of power beyond his imagination, was just the type of person who would fit in well in the learned institutions in the city of Promise. He was journeying with such incredible people.

The fatigue of the day was quickly catching up with Zandu. They were already on the second day underground and he was losing sense of time. How long had he actually slept last night. Long enough to refresh his mind and prepare spells but was that his usual eight hours or something much less. His body was starting to complain and that didn’t happen very often. Perhaps it was the intense fighting they had just undergone for two days. The cuts and bruises covered his body. Blood soaked through his clothing on his left arm and chest. Clothes were torn in more places than he could count. Zandu reached for his last vial of life-giving potion. Popping the cork he downed it in a quick fluid motion. The fatigue of the last few hours evaporated leaving him feel refreshed, allowing him to refocus his mind on the tasks at hand. His mind was sharper, he could focus it on what he was feeling. It was a feeling he had never known before. In his years of training with the masters in the Promise Monastery he had heard of them saying that a Monk could hone his mind to a razor-sharp point and gain new focus. He had just never experienced anything like it. But this was as close as he could imagine it would feel like.

He would have to study that later.

MerlokrepFor now they had to make it out of this den of evil alive. The party was tired and wounded. Hollin was catatonic after his near death experience and they were losing the cooperation of kobolds who had helped fight to get them here. Kerrdremek was now on the throne of the Kobold King and most of the Bloodscale Clan was eliminated. But this didn’t mean they would have an easy time making it out. Dhohar and Kieyanna and he would have to carry out Hollin and take whatever loot they thought would be worth selling and rejoin the other children and Edgrin in the upper level of the Crucible. Then they had to leave the Crucible and travel back through the dangerous Darkwood to Falcon’s Hollow. With children it may well be a two day journey back.

After fighting their way up the middle of the cave and through a hoard of Bloodscales they fought the king. He was a vicious paragon of kobolds who looked like a god of his kind. It was a violent fight where we lost one of our kobold companions who had chosen to fight alongside the Glintaxe.

The final battle was a standoff against a sneaky and ancient sorcerer kobold witch who was ripping the hearts out of his victims while still alive. He immediately went invisible and called a swarm of spiders into the room. The two remaining Bloodscales attacked violently defending their charge while we battled to their death. Hollin was shivering in the corner of the room and nearly fell victim to the bloody dagger that had so recently claimed the life of Tyran Moonsilver, the missing companion of Edgrin Galesong and the Grey Eagles.

Thus they also had to get Tyran back to his friend and back to town. They took turns carrying Tyran and Hollin. Zandu loaded up his haversack with as many items as it would hold and lashed the javelins and short spears to the outside. It was slow going but they retraced their steps warned by Kerrdremek that many dangers other than the Kobolds lurked in the side passages. They made it back to the lift and Dhohar went up first. Then the lifeless body of Tyran followed by Kieyanna and Hollin and finally Zandu. They regrouped in the worship chamber (RM 16) and then went to get the other four children and Edgrin. Kimi was not in the room. Edgrin confessed she had slipped out through the secret passage while he rested his eyes. He had stayed with Mikra, Jurin, and Savram to keep them from running away in fear.

If Zandu had not been in such control of his feelings he would have let the furry flow through him the way felt. Instead he set his backpack on the ground and prepared to follow the girl back through the booby-trapped secret passages. “Dhohar, Kieyanna,” he advised, "Stay here and protect them. Bring Tyran here so that it’s defensible. I will look for the headstrong young woman and let us pray she is alive. Rechecking his weapons and straightening out his scarf he prepared for the task at hand.

Zandu went through the secret hallway and into the listening chamber. It was the place where yesterday…was that just yesterday?…they had fought the allip. Its ghastly remains were still there on the floor, bones and no flesh. Magic had held its body together and hungered for the flesh of the living. He went south from there into the Hall of Heroes. At least that is what it seemed like. There were inscriptions of many Dwarven names. Kimi was not in this room either. That meant she had made it into the third and most dangerous room. It was the trapped room. The room where great Dwarven statues did battle with each other. He was afraid to look in the room for the girl certainly lay impaled by one of the stone spears from when the room flipped on its side. He inspected the trap door looking for any triggers on this end. There were none. He flipped the switch and the door slid open reveling the large room 30 feet deep and 50 feet wide with the line of statues on each side. Without touching the floor he looked into the room peering at each row of statues. His first glance did not reveal anything but then he caught movement in the back corner. Was that her?

“Kimi!” he shouted. She looked out from between two large spears with fear in her eyes. “Help me!” she pleaded with a quiver to her voice. “The whole room turned sideways and I fell here. It sliced through my jacket.” Kimi’s usual stoicism and bravado was missing now. The fear showing through. She was scared. Zandu quickly formulated a plan. He told Kimi to stay put and he retreated back to the Abbot’s room and related the trouble. He grabbed the 50’ of silk rope and told Kieyanna to circle around through the dining room to the fountain, “I will meet you from the other side”. She did so without asking questions. Zandu retraced his steps back to the edge of the secret room and waited for Kieyanna to appear. It was a gamble that she wouldn’t run into any more trouble but it was a gamble they had to take. He quickly secured the end of the rope to the stone bench on his side and waited. Kieyanna appeared a few minutes later short of breath. He tossed the coils of rope through the trapped room and Kieyanna caught it and secured it to the fountain. There was slack in the rope and that was part of the plan. Zandu took the rope securely in his hand and told Kimi to hold on tight. He was about to trigger the trap and have the room flip on its side. He was two steps into the room watching and looking for any indications of triggers or weighted stones when the gears crunched and the room flipped within a heartbeat. His feet flew out from under him and he was left hanging on the rope. The rope immediately snapped taut, Zandu falling about 8 feet toward the stone statues but still above the statues. He did not know how long the room would remain this way and he didn’t want it to flip while Kimi was transitioning between the statues and him. He crawled hand over hand down the rope toward Kimi. The plan worked and she was able to grab onto him and climb up to the rope. Just then the gears crunched and the room flipped right. The floor came up to them knocking the air out of their lungs as they landed on their sides. Not daring to move a muscle they both lay there anticipating the room flipping at any moment. It did not. Both holding the rope tightly in their hands Zandu encouraged Kimi to stand up. He did next as the room stayed straight. Kimi was in front and she took a step forward. On her second step the room flipped again and both lost their footing and fell as the floor disappeared beneath their feet. Falling 5 feet they hung dangling from the rope on an angle toward the end of the room and the safety of flat ground again. Kimi had balled up and wrapped her feet around the rope. She began to climb up the rope. As they both made it out of the room it flipped right as if nothing happened. Kimi threw her arms around Zandu and hugged him tight.

They chose to take the long way around back to the others. It was more of a story than anyone wanted to admit. Kimi composed herself and put on a strong face for the others. She threw her arms around them after having spent the night alone on top of the statues. She went over to check on Hollin who had been catatonic but did turn to look at her. There was a bit of recognition but he did not move.

Zandu ushered her over to the bed and had her sit down. She would crash soon. He knew it. The adrenaline was about to wear off. He felt it fading in himself and was surprised she hadn’t fallen unconscious yet. She did have the heart of a warrior. He conferred with Dhohar, Kieyanna, and Edgrin that they should rest here. There was no use endangering everyone after the trouble of today. They needed to rest. But they were out of food. Zandu deduced the time would be a few hours before sunset on the surface and he could get up there and do some hunting to augment the last few rations they had in their provisions. The thought of fresh air brightened his mood.

Dhohar's Journal: Close Encounters of the Bloody Kind

This entry is a bit delayed due to recent events. It’s been a very busy two days and I’ve had little time to rest since we arrived at the ruins and set Jeva free again – with a promise to bring her food and clothes and work to help her. I know little of the particulars of lycanthropy but I do know the condition is curable – if difficult. Perhaps this is an area I can look into and it will likely be needed if my hunch is correct and there is a gathering number of them in this area.

I digress. The ruins are as my companions described them from their last visit. They seem to have a depressing and sad air about them. As if prestige and pride once lived here before it sank into disuse and neglect. It is a good lesson for all of humanity – the cycles of nature are not to be escaped. All great things will have their autumn, and eventually, their winter. But from these materials others are given life and sustenance. While some of the scaly kind are likely good and capable of good works the current crop of kobolds in these ruins seems to more closely resemble the fungi and rot that feeds on decaying bodies. It seems I’ve stretched my nature analogy but it is still fitting.

New Friends

The air was stifling hot in this prayer room. Much more so than the hallway back the way we had come. I can only imagine a demonically oppressive heat emanating from the other side of the northern door to this room. This large chamber (Location 16) is some 40×30 feet. It looks to have been some kind of monastic temple. Six stone prayer platforms with well-worn knee rests carved into them are spread around the chamber. I am sitting now where we met the malcontent mystic of the Truescale Tribe named Kerrdremak. He and his five kobold warriors had been discussing their consternation over recent tragedies. I learned of their discontent in the Draconic tongue while listening outside the door not more than an hour ago. We hatched a plan that Kieyanna, dressed in her mighty Fullplate of Durinar Glintaxe (previous kobolds had turned and run when they saw the “Ghost of Glintaxe” approaching) would perhaps sway the Kobolds to aid in distracting the rest of the Bloodscale tribe allowing us to find the remaining children. Political rivalries exist everywhere, even in a den of Kobolds.

The plan worked like a charm. After a tense momentary standoff, I was able to explain that the Ghost of Glintaxe and my companions were there to right the wrong that was done to the Truescales. Kerrdremak was extremely excited to have the ghost, whom had long roamed the halls of the upper level and claimed the lives of his tribesmen, heading down into the depths to bring vengeance upon the mislead Bloodscales.

A secret door was found in the old temple prayer room and Dhohar, Kieyanna, and I explored it. We found several more rooms including the living quarters of the last Abbot of the monastery (Location 10). His gruesome remains, a result of a self inflicted wound, were lorded over by a deranged homunculus. The poor beast had completely lost his grasp on reality after the death of his master. We had to put the poor beast out of his misery. Exactly how long he had been alone in this room is only a guess, a hundred years or more for sure. The magical nature of the creation permitted it to live forever and serve its master. But it also linked his mind intrinsically with the mage and upon his master’s death he lost his mind too. The creature could not be reasoned. In the dilapidated room we found an obsidian tablet carved with a last message to his god.

Our people have lost their way. They flee the shelter of your great forges. Our fires dim, my master. We have failed you. No use to you here, I now come to you. I shall join you in the Black Forge, whether to serve at your anvil or stoke its flames with my soul.

We cleaned the room of the remains and deemed it the safest place for the children to stay. Kimi put up quite a fight against being left behind. She was adamant that it was her fault they were all there and her responsibility to find Jurin and Hollin. Dhohar finally swayed her by charging her to watch Mikra and Savram and protect them from further harm. There was no time to take them out of the Monastery and the forest may be just as dangerous. That secret room seemed the best place for any to wait. I wish I might have rested my head for a couple hours of sleep. But we must endeavor to find the remaining children lest they meet some unfortunate end.

At this very moment my companions are readying head north through the doors into the heat and then down to the lower level. The Truescales tell me there are bloodscales at the lift. We must be ready for a fight.

Rebel Tendencies

What of the children? That was the question plaguing the party after the strange encounter with Kerrdremak, a mystic malcontent of the Truescale Tribe. It seemed Kerrdremak and his band of five kobold warriors were rife with rebellion and did not want to follow the kobold king,Merlokrep, any longer. Kerrdremak is a hunch-backed kobold with dark blue scales. One of his ears is immensely oversized (a birth defect) and droops under the weight of several human finger-bone earrings. These grim trophies jangle obscenely whenever he nods his head. The presence of the ghost of Glintaxe put the kobold warriors into a frozen shock. How long had this ghost roamed the halls of this temple and claimed unwary kobold lives? They were easily convinced that with the Ghost on their side they would soon topple the evil reign of Merlokrep.

The three children were secreted away in the Abbot’s chambers (area 10 on the map) after his remains and those of his homunculus were removed behind the secret door. With Hollin and Jurin still missing below the party began to formulate battle plans before descending the lift to the lower level and throne of the Kobold King.

Kimi’s stalwart ranting of not wanting to be left behind while they look for Hollin can be heard through the baracaded door and down the hallway. She sees the missing children’s plight as her fault and will not rest until they are all safe.

Curious Encounters Jeva and an Imp

Kieyanna was brought out of her memories by the sound of someone trying to discreetly follow her companions. The others noticed it as well and after some quiet conferencing left Zandu to try and surprise their interloper while Kieyanna, Rumble, and Dhohar carried on following the trail of the children.

Kieyanna enjoyed for a time discussing her Firefoot…she and Dhohar talked about its favorite foods…fish of course, and strangely also raspberries. They also discussed spending some time training it after they found the children…and then they heard a shriek and a scuffle and went running back to where they’d left Zandu.

Dhohar's Journal: Full Strides and Full Stumbles, Meeting Jeva

I must confess the next portion of our journey and adventure was most unusual. I have held a number of thoughts of what the outside world might be like, but many I thought would prove false once getting out into it. Sadly, some were not. I had persistent concerns over the last several days about the possibility of lycanthrope attacks and a hidden, growing scourge that existed just beyond sight in the woods.

As we departed from the burnt out husk that was Elara’s Halfway House I tried to banish the thoughts of the owner’s last moments from my mine. Perhaps she’d gather the weapons to fight the beasts and to at least begin the war – only to be found and tortured in her own basement. I could only think some innocent child happened upon the scene and started the fire inadvertently, or perhaps purposefully?, to scare off or kill the “wolves” harming their mistress. Only the entire thing went up in a conflagration that consumed all. Yet, perhaps it didn’t consume all. No other signs were noted regarding what might have torn out her throat. The thought unsettled me.

Revelations on Zandu

After the fight with the Kobolds and meeting the two children and Edgrin, Zandu knew he needed to take a break for a little while. His stomach grumbled reminding him that he had been about to eat when they heard Kimi scream. He retraced his steps to the bed chamber and retrieved his backpack. Returning to the mess hall he righted a bench and sat at a table. He was weary. He thought it must be after dark for sure. A depressing silence had fallen on the living making them all too aware of the five dead kobolds around them. Zandu picked out part of his rations and looked around the room. Gloomy faces from Kimi and Mikra looked expectantly from adult to adult. Kimi was stoic and putting on her best face for Mikra but Zandu could see her sorrow and uncertainty. Kieyanna looked like a fortress in her new armor and he didn’t know how she could move in all that metal. But she looked good and comfortable. Much more comfortable than he felt. Dhohar looked about like he felt. The druid must not be comfortable underground and encased in all this stone. The air was stale and hot. It made breathing more difficult than it should’ve been. He locked eyes with each of his companions in turn and offered them a seat at his table. He laid out the rest of his ration to share. He began to speak.

Life is complicated. It sure has a way of sending the unexpected at you at just the right time. I have not been completely honest with you about my background. I am not originally from Varisia. I did live there but before that I came from an island off the coast called Hermea. I had a privileged childhood. I was afforded the best education, the best training, and the choice of whatever I wanted to study (as long as I was deemed worthy by the Council of Enlightenment). While still young I trained in multiple fields to identify my aptitude. I was trained in martial arts, music, history, magic, and some others. Magic was everywhere in Promise. Under the close watch of Mengkare our town flourished. The benevolent dragon was a shelter from the terrors of the world. Our isolation gave us the time to focus on honing our skills and reaching our potential. If you failed to reach that potential, you were quietly removed from the island. So everyone performed to their best. We want to be our best. In my studies I learned the basics of spell casting. I love reliable methods with which they can be studied and reproduced. It is an ancient art that goes back ten thousand years to when mages first tamed the wild magic. I did prove gifted in the magic arts. It was one of the reasons I was allowed to become an agent of Hermea. But in my quest for perfection I found the meditative arts at the Temple of Mengkare to be much more in line with what I believe. I joined their ranks and studied with them for four years after finishing my childhood schooling. I continued to use some of my magic but it was no longer the focus of my attention. When I was chosen to begin training as an agent it did not fit into my cover very well. My mother was orriginally from Varisia and I had the blood as well as her stories and cultural knowledge. I studied long and hard with her to know the ways of the people and their practices. I also spent much time in the libraries in Promise learning all I could about the world I would soon enter. At that time the Council believed it was better if I did not use my magic except to communicate with them. They gave me a token to boost the power of the spell and allow me to communicate anywhere in the world, as long as I can see the moon. I use it very rarely these days. I fear I have little to report as of yet. But such is the way when seeking perfection. I have found that it is a sore few good adventurers who wish to leave this world of wonder…and I will attest that I share their reasons. I must now do what is best for our party in this dark time. I cannot afford to ignore part of me that might give us an edge in this battle. There is far too much on the line. If you will give me but a quarter of an hour, friends, I will refresh my mind as to the spells we may need.

The others shocked at the revelation of his homeland which they had never heard was not all-together unexpected. They had each had a feeling that perhaps Zandu was not telling the whole truth. But his actions spoke louder than his omissions and if he had been hiding a bit of who he was, they now understood. But what more could this near-elitist man be hiding from them? Respecting his wish to review his spells the others withdrew to another table and fed the children and Edgrin. They had not seen palatable food since being captured. The raw rat meat fed to them by the Kobolds tasted like cardboard and made their stomachs turn inside-out on occasion. The availability of common hard tack trail rations was like seeing a fresh stew with all the vegetables and chicken you could imagine. They ate through one whole ration without talking. This gave Kieyanna and Dhohar the time to move off down the hallway for a private discussion about Zandu’s story.

SpellbookZandu withdrew his old beaten spell book that he had rebound with wood covers to protect it against the perils of the road. Opening it he sat at the table in the mess hall and studied the glyphs and arcane words while the others ate. He still prepared spells occasionally, usually about once a week. Just to keep his mind sharp. He hadn’t cast a spell in months. But this dungeon of evil certainly seemed like the place to start. He didn’t consider himself a crusader for good but children did not deserve to be ripped from their families and die tortuously at the hands of others. It felt good to feel the surge of power grow over his body. He felt stronger with it. More ready to face the world. When he was finished studying he looked down at the end of the table where a part of his dinner ration lay. With his mind he reached out to the bread and willed it to him. With a gesture of clenching a fist and the utterance of a word in Draconic the bread lifted from the table and flew to his hand. He reached out his clenched hand and took the bread. With a big satisfied bite he ate the rest of the bread and felt on top of the world. Knowledge would win this day.

First Strides

Dhohar awoke refreshed and began to prep for the day. He knew it would a long one but he hoped it was somewhat calm and without incident. He doubted that would be the case but it was possible the children simply wandered outside of their comfort range or one was injured and the other’s stayed to comfort them. His mind wandered in that vein for a time building his dread and anticipation. Perhaps one was injured and the others left to get help and then go lost or suffered further harm. The worst scenarios were finding them dead, having succumbed to some terrible fate. Or separated and each was alone, taking days to track them down. He firmly squashed those thoughts as pulled on his boots and strapped on his small bag and weapons. He headed out a bit before the time he was to meet Kieyanna and Zandu for breakfast and ducked into the meat shop of Cobrin Jabbs. Again, he requested organ meats and undesirable cuts and dropped them into a cheap jute sack for Rumble and Mischief. It was only fair that his companions enjoy the luxury that civilization offered as well. With that accomplished he headed back to a breakfast of pancakes and spicy sausages with his friends.


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