Absalom is a massive metropolis, so vast that it is administered as several cities (districts) that happen to be adjacent to one another. It is the headquarters of the Pathfinder Society with the Grand Lodge being located therein.

The colors of Absalom are golden yellow (to represent the Starstone) and rich green (for the sea, as well as the tall, thick grasses common to the Isle of Kortos).

Motto: The official motto of Absalom (found on all the official seals) is “Ex Prothex,” which is supposedly Old Azlanti for “From the First,” though scholars often disagree about the exact translation. Most locals prefer the motto “First Among Equals,” which is used both to describe Absalom as the greatest capital city in the world and to promote specific families or business within Absalom as better than their (respected) rivals. Being first, either as the original or the best, is important to groups in Absalom, and guild and family mottos often draw on this symbolism.

Absalom natives take pride in the fact that their city was founded by a god, hosts the Starstone that has created more gods, and is an open port that welcomes all who come in peace. Locals pride themselves on being a diverse lot, and would be genuinely offended at the idea they all had any common traits. However, the very fact they all would be offended shows that there are some qualities common to those who make Absalom their home.

The population was at its peak (351,000) just before a series of quakes struck 10 years ago, and is rapidly rising to meet and surpass that number. While large areas of the city are still in ruins, other sections continue to grow and have begun to face overcrowding. Even with its vast network of trade and magical means of support, Absalom was facing a supply crisis just before the quakes, as common items ran short in low-trade months. The quakes reduced the population enough to stave off that threat, but recently there have once more been signs of potential shortages. As a result, the idea of limiting immigration into the city has begun to be discussed in some mead halls and family lodges, though it is not yet a common concern.


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