Blackscour Taint

Title blackscour Taint is an ingested disease that quickly incubates over the course of 1-3 days and then begins to take over the lungs of a person making it more and more difficult to breathe. There is a terrible caugh that the body produces in an effort to get rid of the fungus gowing in the lungs. If untreated the it is leathal.

Laural, the town herbalist, describes Blackscour Taint in the following questions and answers:

What is blackscour? “Just a fungus that’s not good for anything. Hard, bitter, and sharp, it likes the water and gets you sick if you drink it down. Never heard of it growing
around these parts, though, until now.”

What is blackscour taint? “It’s a sickness, almost like any other, but you get the mold growing in you. It starts eating away in your chest and belly and is damned determined to stay. Your body near turns itself insideout trying to hack the stuff up, but all that does is cuts your guts up… bad.”

How many townsfolk have blackscour taint? “More than thirty, honestly, though at least three times that thinks they’ve got it.”

Is there any cure? “Not around here. I’ll get these folks what I can and we’ll see what
good it does.” There’s another medicine? “My grandmother’s book has a brew in it that says its
good for this kind of thing. A weird concoction that sounds more like hoojoo than real medicine.”

What’s in this medicine? “Some rare roots and concentrations, most of which I have here, but there’s three I don’t. Elderwood moss, which I’ve never heard of, but granny says the stuff only grows on the oldest tree in a forest. A specially pickled root called rat’s tail, again, sounds like hoojoo to me. And seven ironbloom mushrooms, stunty little things that only grow in dark places thick with metal, a favorite among dwarves, or so I hear.”

Do you know where we could find these ingredients? “Well, for the elderwood mold, there’s gotta be an oldest tree in the vale. Damned if I know where it is, though. The rat’s tail and mushrooms are even longer shots. Way north, toward the mountains, people say there used to live a bunch of dwarves. They’re not there anymore, but I’d bet their forges are. If you can find ironbloom anywhere around here, that’d be your best bet. As for the rat’s tail, who knows? Well. Actually. Ulizmila, the witch that lives deep in the woods might. She’s a crafty, mean thing that knows all sorts of strangeness. She might even have one. I don’t know what she might want for it, but I doubt it’d come cheap. My grandmother traded her sight to
the old crone for a few pages of what she knew, and that was years and years back, and
I don’t know a soul who got any nicer as they got older.”

How much time do we have to get the ingredients? “None! Folks are dying every day! All we can hope to do now is treat who we can and hope to save the gravedigger some work.”

Three selfless adventurers, Zandu, Kieyanna, and Dhohar, sought out and returned the rare ingredients requested by Laurel. Their actions saved the village and earned them a good reputation among the folk. Read the record of their journey here.

Blackscour Taint

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