Crucible Treasure

Gelatinous cube small
This page cataloges the treasure and experience gained from exploring Droskar’s Crucible. Click this for the adventure logs Crown of the Kobold King.

Title loot

Crown of the Kobold King + 2 Charasma and Natural Armor, + 1 caster level (15,000gp)
Adamantine Guantlet + 1 adamantine gauntlet + 2 strength(12,302gp)—Zandu
Heart Ripper Blade (11,302gp)
Suit of Mithril Full Plate (10,500gp)— Kieyanna
Slippers of Spider Climbing (4,800gp)— Dhohar
Cloak of Resistance + 2 (4,000)
Boots of Elven Kind (2,500gp)— Zandu
+1 battleaxe sheds light and bears the name Glintaxe (2,350gp)— Dhohar
+1 light crossbow w/10 bolts (2,030gp)— Dhohar
Man-Feller +1 Human Bane Battleaxe (2,000gp)
Wand (Magic Missile) (750gp)
Scroll (Remove Curse) (375gp)
2x masterwork silver daggers (300gp ea) — 1 each Kieyanna and Zandu
2 doses Medium monstrous spider venom (injury, DC 14, 1d4 Str/1d4 Str) (150gp)
4 doses Small Centipede Poison (injury, DC 11, 1d2 Dex/1d2 Dex) (90gp)

Liquidated Loot (1,185gp)

A half-finished obsidian statuette of an owlbear (20gp)
Obsidian tablet of old theocracy (300gp)
Masterwork heavy pick (150gp)
Masterwork studded leather (small)— Kimi Eavewalker
Steel mining helmet (small)— Kimi Eavewalker
Masterwork hand axe (154gp)
4 Javelins (.5gp each)
8 short spears (.5gp each)
8 slings (1gp for all of them)
6 Flying Talons
Red and Gold Satin Cloak with a crude painting of a gold dragon — Kerrdramek
2 gold lip rings (5gp ea)
4 gold earrings (5gp ea)
Emerald Cloak Clasp (50gp)
+1 Studded Leather (450gp)

XP Tracker
2,000xp Starting

Spiders (EL3) 800 xp/ 265 each
Jeva encounter (EL4) 1200 xp/ 400 each
Imp (EL2) 600xp/ 200 each
Kobolds 400xp/ 135 each
Grick (CR 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Rats (EL 1) 400xp/ 135 each
Gilatinous Cube (CR 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Shocker Lizard 1200xp/ 400 each
Stirges (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Mess Hall (EL 4) 1,200xp/ 400 each
Narrative bonus 300xp each

=3,030 xp each Level

Ossuary (EL 5) 1,600xp/ 535 each
Spear Leigon Trap (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Chamber of Penance (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Homonclus (EL 1) 400xp/ 135 each
Allip (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Elevator (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Smoking Tunnels (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Foundry of Souls (EL 5) 1,600xp/535 each
Refuse Pit (EL 3) 800xp/ 265 each
Mines (EL 4) 1,200xp/ 400 each

Slurk Kennel (EL 6) 2,400xp/ 600 each
Chokepoint Ambush (EL 4) 1,200xp/ 400 each
Kobold Den (EL 5) 1,600xp/ 535 each
Throne of the Kobold King (EL 7) 3,200xp/ 800each
Sacrifice Chamber (EL 7) 3,200xp/ 800each
(3,135xp each for session 13 OCT 12)

= 11,660 xp current total Level

Crucible Treasure

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