Droskar's Crucible

Title squatting at the foot of Droskar’s Crag, this ruined monastery sits among ancient, gnarled trees. Made of simple stone blocks, worn smooth with the passage of time, the stout building is falling apart. This slow crumbling alone points to the unusually poor construction of dwarves no longer interested in excelling at their toils, but merely toiling.

Just prior to their withdrawal from the region to nearby dwarven holds, the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains turned to the worship of the Dark Smith: Droskar, god of toil and labor. As the decades passed, fidelity to Droskar no longer inspired great works, only works, and the quality of dwarven craftsmanship plummeted as the stoutfolk attempted to ceaselessly churn out monuments, temples, and armories in his honor. Droskar’s Crucible is a hallmark of this decline in imagination and spirit. Its spartan interior is a testament to the joyless final days of the dwarves. Smooth halls, many of which are filled with ironblood mushrooms, stretch between cold-stoned chambers. Crudely hewn tunnels connect the underground monastery directly to dreary mines and the thundering forges that long ago hammered out steel day and night.

In the centuries since its abandonment, predators and worse have taken up residence in the ruined building and the tunnels and mines beneath it. On the surface, within the crumbling building of the monastery itself, lives a powerful worg named Graypelt.

Dungeons Levels
Ground Floor
Level One
Level Two

Droskar s crucible

The adventurers Zandu and Kieyanna first approached these ruins on the quest for Ironbloom Mushrooms as an ingredient for a cure of the Blackscour Taint that was killing droves of residents in Darkmoon Vale.

Droskar's Crucible

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