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Here is where we can divy up the take. Please correct me if I forget who took something. You can place comments on the forum and I will fix it here.

Prices: All prices are marked in actual prices where noted. This does not mean you could sell them for that. Most places will buy for 50-60% of the actual retail price. This can be modified by demeanor and diplomacy checks. If the item is strange or would be worth more to a collector it may be noted. Not all items will be identified and priced. I will use the strikeout function as we sell/divide up the items and anotate on our sheets.

Title loot

Taken from the body of a hobgoblin who had been baiting animals with a traped wounded Firefoot.

1 wood shield, heavy (~7gp) — not retained
1 shortbow (~75gp) - Milon Rhoddam
1 potion of cure light wounds (~50gp) — Kieyanna
1 semi-precious Bloodstone gem (~50gp) — Kieyanna
1 medium quality gem, Pink Pearl (~100gp) — Kieyanna

In the ruins of the Dwarven Monastery hiding in the reamins of an adventurer’s backpack along side his remains next to a well in the courtyard was:

1 week’s worth of trail rations (still usable)
1 set of thieves tools — Zandu
50’ of silk rope - Zandu-
42 gp in assorted coins in a coin purse — Kieyanna
1 potion of cure light wounds - Kieyanna- Used

The attack with the monstrous spider yielded:
1 masterwork shortsword wrapped in oilcloth - Zandu

In the waiting room (area 5) which housed a long dead Dwarf we found a silver light hammer with a religious symbol carved into the head. Zandu successfully identified this as the symbol of Torag. It is worth about 21gp but may be worth 200gp to a collecter of Dwarven artifacts. — Zandu

We were unable to get into area 8.

In the ruined library (area 9) we battled the fungus that lined every shelf. The only thing not destroyed by the dangerous fungus was a single tome written in Dwarven. It is a beautifully illuminated book with hymns to Torag and is worth about 100gp or perhaps up to 300gp to the right collector. — Zandu
Folded into the back pages of the book was a scroll of spiritual weapon — Kieyanna

While searching the Armory (area 13) the keen eyes of Kieyanna discovered the only usable thing remaining were
4 crossbow bolts. - Zandu

Upon entering the secret prison (area 14) and killing the three skeleton dwarves they found a ring devoted to Torag on the only body not to become a zombie. It is the Ring of ToragZandu

In the wolf den (area 15) where the adventurers delt with the two female wolves Zandu discovered a secret pannel in one of the drawers of a desk. Inside were:

1 small pouch containing 50ppKieyanna
1 prayer book written in DwarvenZandu
1 simple handaxeZandu

GraypeltIn the back of the first floor, the Warg named Greypelt made his den. After destroying him, no small task. The trickster had tried to wear down the party by sending them off to kill other inhabitants of the monastery and promising them the musrooms in return. In fact, he turned on them in the end and never hand any intent of giving them the mushrooms.

Tucked behind the pillar was his stash:
1 bag with 354gp — Kieyanna
1 masterwork light crossbow - Zandu
1 potion of bulls strength (if the logo can be trusted) — Kieyanna
1 wand (unknown) — Kieyanna

Ulizmila’s Hut
30gp worth of random statuettes and stones — Kieyanna
1 pouch with salts — Dhohar Ker’ki’hel
1 cursed and grotesque amulet-like shrunken head. Dhohar determined it could replicate the ability of magic mouth once per day. - Dhohar Ker’ki’hel

After fighthing the Tatzlwyrm in the Elder Tree Kieyanna discovered three murdered adventurers and recovered their belongings.

2 crossbows
2 shortswords
1 suit of hide armor - Milon Rhoddam
1 masterwork shortbow - Kieyanna
1 signet right with the image of a flaming hawk (5gp)
9gp — Kieyanna
12sp — Kieyanna
8 days worth of trail rations - split between the group, two each

So that leaves us with the equilivent of 406.2gp in assorted coins and about 480 in easily liquitable items. Some of the regular swords and bows won’t go for much and some items still need to be evaluated before selling. Post in the forum your thoughts for dealing with the loot. I will use the strikeout function as we sell/divide up the items and anotate on our sheets.

Each player received 2,000 XP for completing this adventure.

Loot Tracker

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