Zandu's Wishlist

Zandu has never had a lot of money. He hasn’t really needed it. Growing up in Promise things that he needed were provided. As part of his training to go out into the world as a Hermean Agent he had to learn about money. It seemed money made the world go around. It was the method of every transaction. Not that life had been luxurious in Promise, but everyone lived in similar conditions. After reaching Varisia he discovered that this was not the case in the rest of the world and money meant the difference between living in squalor or in a castle. He lived off what little money he had been given before leaving Hermea and traveled some. He plyed his trade as a Fortune Teller and made due with his earnings. Zandu started making a list of things he would acquire once he had enough money.Wayfinder  basic

1) The first thing on Zandu’s list is a Wayfinder. This iconic badge of office for any Pathfinder had been added to Zandu’s list within days of arriving in Varisia. Ramos Kendro had been a Pathfinder and had talked to him briefly about the office. It had started Zandu heading on a new course for his life…to gain entrance into the Pathfinder Society headquarted in Absalom. He has been heading that way for nearly a year now. The basic Wayfinder costs 500gp.

2) Once Zandu has saved enough money for his Wayfinder he next hopes to purchase a light warhorse and military saddle for it to make his progress across the continents of Golorian much easier. He has spent so much time walking that he could have already been to Absalom if he had a horse. He anticipates the Warhorse to cost about 110gp and the saddle to be another 20gp.

3) After increasing his ability to travel faster Zandu wants to find a scarlet and blue ioun stone. He had known masters at his Temple to Perfection who had such objects of incredible power so as to increase their ability to reason problems and remember the most obscure details. This ioun stone should cost him about 8,000gp. He had priced it in Korvosa many months ago.

4) He also had heard rumors of spells placed upon the robes of his masters that increased their armor and natural monk abilities. He hoped to find a master crafter who could ensorce his robes. (like the magic item, Monks Robes) 13,000gp.

5) Perhaps the most dangerous item Zandu hopes to find is a replacement to his Temple Sword. He had hear stories of some monks who could shatter arms and armor clean from their foes while stunning them from reacting. He hopes to commission the creation of a +1 Adamantine Temple Sword with Ki Focus. This sword would cost about 11,030gp. But just getting the raw item made would cost only 3,030gp for a Adamantine Temple Sword. Then he would be able to have mages increase the power as time progressed.

Zandu's Wishlist

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