Hollow's Last Hope

First Encounters

Kieyanna and Dhohar crept down the overgrown stairs to the edge of the light. Having left her torch above and Dhohar having put away his Ioun stone they were well hidden in the darkness. Each could easily distinguish the difference between the armed and armored Kobold warriors and the skinny slaves wearing nothing who labored at the base of a destroyed obsidian obelisk. Dhohar readied his spear as Kieyanna drew back her longbow. At a silent signal they both unleashed their attack. With a violent thrust the spear ripped through the kobold to the left and spun him sideways before he crashed to the ground. Kieyanna’s arrow, fueled by the hatred she has for all things that subjugate others, found a clean target right in the kobold’s throat. He died clutching the shaft and gurgling blood in a shocked horror-filled face. Only moments before the two had been arguing about how the Only One Allowed to Nag-Nag His Greatness loves to gaze at her own reflection. They were saying that if it wern’t for her, they wouldn’t be forced up here to guard shiny rock. Perhaps if they had spent more time at their work and less spent talking they would not have died so helplessly. Zandu had fired also at the same target as Kieyanna, the one on the right, but he could barely see in the near darkness and his crossbow bolt missed its target. He was quick to rush into the room and quiet the Kobold slaves who were ecstatic to be rid of their masters.

Deschamps kobold scaredHe held his hands out in an unthreatening way and the first one started to whimper and cry. He actually collapsed to the ground thinking that Zandu was about to kill them both. After Zandu spoke to them in their native language of Draconic, which they seemed to understand, they quieted down. The second one, who had fared better than the first, was named Kibbo. The other was Jarrdreg. The two do not speak any of the Common tongue. Zandu makes introductions as his companions retrieve their weapons and search for any helpful clues on the bodies. Kibbo and Jardreg jump up and down excitedly and jibber on in the foreign tongue to the other two. Zandu quickly relays important information and asks the asks questions they have. It turns out the small creatures could help the heroes. Jumping up and down Kibbo answered Zandu’s question: “Before Great Liberator Zandu and his mighty friends came we were working on taking shiny black rock down to Only One Allowed to Nag-Nag His Greatness. That be on the down, down, down.” Kibbo was jumping up and down again and pointing beneath his feet. Jarrdreg had moved over to check out Dhohar’s spear. The thing was twice as long and three times heavier than any spear he had ever seen. Zandu heard him talking to Dhohar but didn’t have time to interpret. “Great Spear Thrower, is mighty with his weapon. He took down whole warrior with one hit!” He too was jumping up and down and excitedly looking over Dhohar. Upon seeing the bear cub come down the stairs he scurried back to Zandu and kept looking towards Dhohar who was focusing on the bear.

Zandu relayed to the group that Jarrdreg and Kibbo are the only remaining slaves from their tribe, the Quicktooth clan. Their clan was mostly slaughtered by the Truescale tribe in a war over shiny-shinies, and the remnants taken as slaves. They were both workers. Kibbo specialized in making traps to protect the clan. Jarrdreg was a cook and a bit of a brewer. They had seen the children on a lower level of this place and the Kobolds knew the way. Kibbo jumped up and down and pointed excitedly down the north hall as if he could understand what Zandu was saying.

Despite their assurances that their way was the best, Zandu, Dhohar, and Kieyanna decided to check out all the rooms and leave no unknown danger at their back.


Zandu Zandu

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