Hollow's Last Hope

Musings and the Hook

Typical tavern

Dhohar was enjoying the quiet evening with Kieyanna and Zandu. They seemed like-minded individuals and Dhohar found Kieyanna’s recounting of Ralla’s story to be especially interesting. He’d heard some things regarding Kabran but the specifics –they turned his stomach in away that meant he’d be facing that particular man soon – and he intended to smash him like a force of nature.

In the middle of this conversation and (a fine dinner of ham and potatoes) a loud interruption – the door blasted open and one of the town criers, a man that worked for the Gavel, burst into the Inn. He seemed somewhat calm for the news that followed; a simple declaration that the Gavel’s son was missing and there was a 50 gold piece bounty to find him and bring him back safely. The Inn burst into a flurry of motion, commotion and chatter. Dhohar turned back to Kieyanna and Zandu and ambled into a discussion of what they thought about the announcement. He showed them the ioun torch and explained his agreement with Shavaros to find his son. He relayed what he knew of the group of kids that formed around Kimi Eaveswalker and their various exploits, both the good and the bad reports. After they chatted for a bit more the group decided to split and learn what the good of the children – it seemed Dhohar would have his newfound companions along for the investigation.

He was glad of this as they seemed to be highly capable individuals each able to fend for themselves and they seemed to be of the same mind regarding the various unsavory types around Falcon’s Rest. Zandu’s Varisian background was of interest to Dhohar who had little interaction with the nomadic people. While Zandu did have the scarf and costume of the people he didn’t seem particularly inclined towards dancing, singing or musical instruments. From the stories Dhohar had heard as a growing up, the Varisian nomads loved music and dance would find every occasion to partake in both. Perhaps like many other stories he’d heard they were wrong or prejudiced against them. Perhaps they were stereotypical in the normal way. Amidst the excitement and the desire to find out about the children and what would happen next, Zandu realized that many of these people likely held similar views of him and other elves. Certainly the local weaver/seamstress was viewed somewhat differently and he’d heard little in the way of regular elven interactions. He supposed that most people likely saw his elven heritage in his features but figured him for a human – the exact opposite of how Dhohar saw himself. With that reversal in thought he decided to ask around the Inn for others’ thoughts regarding the children and then figured he’d head to bed early to get some good rest. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


Zandu Zandu

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